Benefit Passes can be found in their "Benefit Passes" tab in the Bundles menu. Once you purchase a monthly Benefit Pass you are entitled to the following rewards and benefits while the Pass is active:

  1. Benefits - Enjoy the following bonuses while your Benefit Pass is active:
    • Unlock the ability to search for Boss Raids using your Map search
    • Increase your Bookmarks capacity to 50
    • Increase Parts Production Speed by 25%
    • Unlock 2 Additional Equipment Presets
  2. Rewards - Once you activate your Benefit Pass you will receive 3 rewards each day:
    Login each day to collect your Gold reward and 2 unique items. Your item rewards are not fixed and the items you collect today can be different from the ones you get tomorrow.

Note: Benefit Pass Rewards are not collected automatically, remember to log-in each day to claim them!