I have a problem with one player

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I have a problem with one player

Post by Snowman » Fri Jul 27, 2018 3:46 am

It all started when i joined an alliance (cRO) aka royalreapers,most of the members are not active,and leader (general) doesnt know english properly.
Then i got sick of them not talking to each other and dead silence for hours,i have chatted with several individuals in game trying to fix my problem.
Someone told me to join his alliance,however,i forgot i dont have any teleports left,i had one,right?
I tried to come back to previous alliance,but leader didnt responded me in few hours,yes,i could wait for his answer.
But this is the problem,what happens when my shield shuts off after its 5 hours left?
What if they had a plan to rally on me?
So i reseted the game,and im starting all over again.
Yeah,i have strong nerves,i like this game.
Hes now talking bad to me,even when i told him im not angry at him,hes happy i resseted my game.
I dont hate him,but i dont like him,because i know what some people are.

Im not asking you to punish barstaard (cRO leader) ,im asking you to fix the game somehow and to give starters more teleports,everyone make one mistake,we deserve to let us to fix it.