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Some long winded feedback..

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:24 am
by MeanOldMan
Hey guys, thanks for the game and wanted to give you some feedback.

A little about myself.
  • I'm a 47 year old software developer and father of 2. (4 and 9 year old)
    I've been playing video games my whole life.. all the Atari's and started coding when I was 10 on a TI/99-4A
    In my early 20's I competed on Westwood Studio's Command and Conquer tournaments and finishing as high as 2nd one month. I spent a few years on Blizzard's World of Warcraft in my late 30s leveling 7 characters and spending countless hours in guild raids.
    Playing online poker for living for about 2 years until my accounts were frozen by George Busch's laws.
    In my professional life, my main focus has been enterprise level CMS integrations and distributed systems architecture. Highlights are a couple years as lead developer over middleware at Gamestop and 1 of 3 architects at a corporation using Scaled Agile (SAFe) over 11 teams.

last but not least.. spent last year playing War Planet on 8 different worlds. 2 MS and 6 IOS. spent more than $900.

finally just got bored with it.. What seemed to be infinite possibilities for completely different game experiences, just turned into almost identical games with different people with same personalities.

I'm going to take into consideration the need to make money with all my feedback. Making money is the number #1 goal, so even if I don't state it, its thought about.

I don't think I have time to give you everything in 1 post, so I may just give you overview now, and then post a few others over the next few days.

All the open world free games online follow the same money making strategy, and because of this, all the games suffer from much of the same issues.

How do you create a competitive environment players will continue to play, and be inspired to spend money. Providing payers an advantage can be very profitable, but it quickly creates an unfair competitive advantage with players that don't have money to pay. Having a game structure where players grow over longer time can balance some of this, but if you don't start at the same time, the game experience is not good for new players.

Also, you have a certain level responsibility to continue providing services for those players that have paid to gain these advantages. Those players paying for an advantage may not be willing to pay if the game is frequently ending and restarting.

I believe I have some possibilities to bridge some of these problems. I'll post it as a response this message... I' know this is a lot of jebber..


Re: Some long winded feedback..

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:10 am
by MeanOldMan
here is my favorite idea for revolutionizing this game... I'm basically just going to spill the ending of the movie, and then go back later this week and feel in the details with additional posts.

Having 2 tiers of the game..

Tier 1
  • World is permanent and never-ending..
  • No troop or city building other than faction buildings.
  • Individual focus is rankings, cosmetic percs, rare collectibles, and the growth of a never-ending spec tree.
  • Alliance / Faction focused on faction tech tree, faction currency to participate in Tier 2 Events, and the control of territory on the faction map.
Tier 2
World is temporary, event based, and focused on particular goals.
Individual focuses on rankings, trophies, prizes or meeting Faction milestones.
All faction events are purchased with faction currency. (to encourage a constant participation in events to gain currency)
Possible types of tier 2 events..
  • 7 day - faction vs faction territory battle (5 accounts vs 5 accounts) 1 account per faction member rank.. faction winner owns territory
    1 support account for each participating coalition member in defense or attack support. total max of 16 accounts on world played by as many as 8 factions. (haven't spoken about faction accounts yet, but I think most will understand where I'm going with it. )
  • 30 day newbie world designed for players to learn the game and have SUPER fun killing while experienced players can compete for rank and some of the best prizes in game. All new accounts can repair troops from attacks. Experienced players lose troops on attacks.
  • 21 day - 5 faction x 5 accounts per faction, king of the mountain battle where you lose troops only on mountain battles. Mountain territory has enormous elite mines.

there are 4 big pieces of the game that is obviously is missing or needs redone to fit..
  • Faction accounts.. Accounts owned by faction that can be assigned to specific players or rank.
  • Faction map..
  • Simplifying of Tier 2 player game so that it can completely be experienced and mastered in a short time.
  • Make all Tier 2 world aspects configurable... so you can easily evolve event types, city research, timers, etc.. to provide new and innovate experiences for players

Re: Some long winded feedback..

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 4:11 am
by TDKnight
I’m definitely intrigued by this, but I’m really gonna need a better explanation of how tier 2 would work before I fully get behind it. A lot of it kinda went over my head, but you have my attention.

Re: Some long winded feedback..

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:22 pm
by BlueMoonWarrior
A very interesting concept, I like it! Although, as TDKnight said, Tier 2 needs a better, more detailed explanation.

Re: Some long winded feedback..

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:19 pm
by MeanOldMan
yea.. re-reading, I didn't do such a good job of explaining it. Let me try an analogy.

Tier 2
Its the main game. The map, city building, and game experience you have now is Tier 2.
Instead of extending it to have an ongoing game, you shorten it and have an ending. At the end you have a permanent trophy and special prizes depending on difficulty of game.

For a better example, think POKER sites..
This game is very similar to what a poker game would be if it were just table play. Ongoing and infinite.. players come and go and there is no ending.. also players can sit down and add money to equal or better their position without growing it.

Tournamount structures where created to add excitement. It did that providing a set rules to balance the playing field and providing an end, essentially creating a contest.

Tier 2 would be encapsulating your current world by simplifying and turning it into a contest.

Does this analogy help with what a Tier 2 game would be? Not in a detailed way, but overall...

Re: Some long winded feedback..

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:50 pm
by MeanOldMan
In regards to 'money' and tier 2.

You may not think people will purchase packs in these short games, but I think they will. Much like the willingness to purchase re-buys in a re-buy poker tournament. Re-buys are not offered throughout the game, but in the beginning.

Also, you can check out the most popular poker sites and you will find many of them offer a reward currency for playing. This currency can be used as well to purchase entries into tournaments.

If packs can be purchases with a reward currency such as a faction currency as well as real currency, then it evens the playing field much more. (which this and War Planet could use a lot more of)

Giving payers too much leverage with money ruins the gaming experience for everyone. Tier 2 helps with this. Sure, you can buy yourself a trophy for a game. But the new games can pop-up and players play in all of them. Add faction currencies to the mix and it even gets juicier.

Faction currencies, Reward currencies, and real currency all being used to influence but determine outcomes of strategy competitions.