bulider x 2

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bulider x 2

Post by Neverenter » Wed Aug 28, 2019 11:28 pm

ok last event did the same thing i buy bulder and buy it and buy it to complete in the event,well now i have bought it 3 more times and it still will not let me dubble bulid i have sent help request to the contact us .email never have got a reply are my gold back now i am missen out on the buliding event and the invadeing event as well

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Re: bulider x 2

Post by War.Advisor » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:04 am

Hello Commander Neverenter,

sorry for the delayed reply. Could you provide more details about the extra builder issue you have experienced. Have you bought the builders upon starting a second improvement or HQ upgrade? Have you bought the builders item from the item shop (MENU> ITEMS > SHOP > BASE category)?
- Generally speaking whenever you attempt to start a second construction process in your base you will be offered the amount of builders that will be enough for the construction of the selected Improvement or HQ upgrade. If you already have a second builder with 24hr duration and attempt to start an improvement with 2d duration you will be offered another builder so that you cover the whole 2 day duration.

I hope you find this info helpful,
The Instant War team
Best of luck on the Instant War battlefield ^^

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