Lonesome poor Gamer

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Lonesome poor Gamer

Post by domlecro » Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:24 pm

Hello Team,

Could it be possible to give chances for alone commanders (meaning without big alliance or with inactive players) to get some points or ressources from Liberation Day ..

I mean remove the limit of sending an amount of troops against Colossus ... or have the possibility to attack with 3 or more separate forces (like for camps Alpha, ...).

It's a little disapointing not to gain points from this kind of event ... We are not even responsible for players that come into our alliance.

I have fired many of them because totally inactive for weeks ..


Kind regards


General of the Army
General of the Army
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Re: Lonesome poor Gamer

Post by War.Advisor » Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:19 am

Hello Commander Dominic,

we are sorry to hear about your Liberation Day event experience and the lack of motivation within your current Alliance. Regarding the changes you suggested would like to point out that:
- Addition Chance for Solo Commanders - the concept of the Liberation Day event revolves around teamwork, and promotes the ability to practice sync attacks. Making any changes to the way the Event currently works will not benefit Alliance Members in the long run.
- Attack with multiple forces - one of the combat fundamentals in Instant War is that a Commander can only enter a battle with 1 army at a time. Changing this will certainly lead to the Alliance issues mentioned above as well as allow exploits by Higher level players.

Our advise in situations like this is to get in touch with other Alliances and discuss merging your active members into a bigger alliance with more active players.

We hope you find this answer helpful and wish you and your alliance the best of luck on the battlefield,
The Instant War team
Best of luck on the Instant War battlefield ^^

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