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Post by Rixko » Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:25 am


I've been playing the game for a while now and noticed something that kind of got on my nerve. When ever I try to teleport somewhere it brings up a message saying "Unable to teleport your base while armies are marching outside of it". I've closed the game, waited a couple of days and it still says the same thing. How can I fix this?

P.S also i read something that said we get a precise teleportation key when we first join, if this is true I've never received one.

Thank You.

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Re: Teleportation

Post by War.Advisor » Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:00 am

Greetings Commander Rixko,

The message "Unable to teleport your base while armies are marching outside of it" means that some of your troops are marching on the world map - they are probably gathering resources in mines, marching towards Encounter camps or Enemy Bases. You check your active marches on the left side of the main command interface or by going to your Civil District and selecting the ARMY button. Once all your troops are in your base you will be able to Teleport to a non occupied world map tile.

Each Commander receives a Precise Teleport via the Welcome Message. What you need to do is go to INBOX > NEWS and check for the Instant War Welcome message. You can collect your Precise Teleport and other additional goodies by using the Collect button.

We hope you find this answer helpful.
The Instant War team
Best of luck on the Instant War battlefield ^^

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