Greetings Commander. Bellow you will find some basic information about the inner workings of your city to get things going. If some of these things are already familiar to you, further in the help page we go deeper in detail about how separate elements work. Now lets begin!


Your base consists of multiple building tiles in which the Headquarters(HQ) sits as the most important part of it all. Everything else you do on your base will depend one way or another on the HQ. Beyond The Wall in front of your HQ, you will be setting up an infrastructure of important Buildings, each of which corresponds to a unique base action you can perform.

  • Industrial Buildings: All passive income generated by your base will be coming from these buildings - Logistics Hub, Food Facilities, Petroleum Well, Alloy Mine and Composite Production
  • Military Buildings: Allow recruitment and management of your armies which you can use as you see fit around the world
  • Civil Buildings: The recovery of wounded troops in your base will be managed through this building
  • Scientific Buildings: You can develop all kinds of interesting technologies through this building
  • Tech Buildings: To get an edge over your opponents, this building will provide you with the ability to craft and improve various powerful equipment
  • Social Buildings: No one is expected to stand alone and for this reason you will be able to improve and manage your operations with your allies from here
  • Hydroelectric Station: The power output within your Base can be greatly improved through this building
  • City Wall: The defenses of your base are directly managed from your Base's Wall

Doing any and all of these actions will help you grow more powerful and dominate anyone that stands in your way. Now, around the districts your can notice 12 empty tiles that define the outer edge of your base. These are the Add-ons to your districts. Each add-on compliments the functionality of the district they are attached to and give you a distinct unique Ability to control. No two abilities are the same, so chose wisely which one will be your pick.

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