Vacation mode provides protection for your base for an extended period of time, more than a normal Piece Shield would allow. Once purchased it will:

  • Activate a piece shield with the appropriate duration
  • Return all outside marches to your base
  • Display an icon on the HUD with it’s duration
  • Note: You will not be able to activate Vacation Mode if you are in battle, participating in an event such as World Domination, while present on another realm or are currently holding Rank V in your alliance.

    You can turn off vacation mode early by selecting the Vacation HUD icon and confirming that you want to turn if off.

    Vacation Mode Effects

    During the vacation mode, some activities will be blocked and other changed. You will be prevented and protected from the following activities and effects while Vacation Mode is active:

  • Being removed from the World Map due to inactivity
  • Sending out marches of any kind, outside your base. That includes scouts, PvE marches (gathering, encounter kills) and Resource Assist marches
  • Accumulating event score and participating in any type of events. Including teleporting over the opposing realms or joining a World Domination match
  • Controlling owned airports and using their effects or keep any armies in them
  • Using items that apply map buffs/debuffs (Warthog Air Support, Black Vulture Air Support)
  • Receiving titles, government gifts or other benefits from players around the map
  • Modified Activities:

  • Resource production - your base will continue to produce and collect resources from buildings, but the amount collected will be reduced (50%).
  • Unit Recruitment - units can be recruited but with reduced training speed (200%).
  • Automated Reply - you can write a custom message that will be used as a Auto-Reply that responds to personal messages sent to you.
  • Your profile in the Alliance Members list will be marked so that other members recognize and are aware that you have Vacation Mode active.

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