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This is one of the most important phases of your command. You should always try keep your Workers busy as that makes your Base more and more powerful with each Building constructed. The build queues will show all construction information regardless of it's type (Building, Add-On and Upgrades).

The List of Buildings that can be constructed in your city can be viewed via the Buildings button on the main command interface or by selecting your Headquarters and choosing the appropriate button. Most Buildings in your city can be freely positioned on a chosen tile, except for the Core buildings, which are pre-built on specific predefined tiles. Be sure to position your selected building without overlapping with other building, while being connected to a road.


Roads are the arteries of your city, connecting a constructed building to a road will ensure that it is fully functional and will provide its benefits. All roads must be connected to the main HQ road in order to receive power from the Main Power Grid. Note that Building-related Production in progress will be paused if the specified building is disconnected from a road or the roads connection to your HQ is obscured.

  • Constructing Roads - To begin construction of Roads, select the Build option on the main command interface (bottom right) and then tap on the Road button at the top left corner in the Buildings List - this will allow you to begin planing the infrastructure. To place a single road segment, tap on any unoccupied tile. To place a continues road of multiple segments you will need to tap, hold and drag in a chosen direction.
  • Removing Roads - while in Build Mode, you may remove roads that you have placed as well as mark already built ones for removal. Similarly to the way the are added, selecting a tile with road on it will removed it. You can also tap, hold and drag along a line of road segments to quickly remove or mark them for removal. Once you are happy with the construction plan, you can confirm it to send the construction Worker in.
  • Suggested Roads - Whenever you begin the placement of a new Building, the Infrastructure A.I will automatically suggest a road that connects to the main HQ road to ensure maximum efficiency. You are free to cancel the auto-suggested road by toggling off the "Roads" option at the bottom of the Road command interface.


Constructing new Buildings in your Base always requires Power in addition to the resource costs. You can always increase your Power capacity by upgrading the Hydroelectric station or the Headquarters in your base.

Extra Workforce

To hire extra workers, tap over the second construction queue and use the Extra Workforce item. This will effectively double your construction capacity for the duration of 24 Hours per used item. Use it wisely as this may greatly boost your Base forwards. In cases where both queues are available, construction processes are always started in your main queue by default.

All constructions can be SpeedUp for free at their end depending on your VIP status. Also don't forget to join a large Alliance as Allies can help you out when building stuff around your Base.

Destroying Buildings

All Non-Core buildings in your city can be destroyed. The process requires a free Worker and 50% of the total construction time of the selected building. Destroying a building will free up Power as well as refund 50% of the resources (food, petroleum, alloys and composites) used for its construction (for all levels). A building can only be destroyed if there are no active processes (such as recruitment, recovery etc.) associated with it.

Note: All non-Core buildings positions can be edited. Simply tap and hold a non-Core building to enter edit mode and confirm the change when you are happy with the new position.

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