The Friends menu allows veteran commanders to send invitations to their friends to install and play Instant War. New commanders who have been invited in this way will use a special code to connect with the person who sent them the invitation. This will grant both commanders access to great rewards that are unlocked as the new commander advances through the games.


Once a commander reaches a certain HQ level, they will unlock the ability to send an invitation to someone. This is done by tapping the Invite button in the Friends menu. The invitation has a unique Drafter Code within it, that allows the invited commander to connect with the veteran who invited them.

The veteran commander may choose between two ways of sending this Drafter Code to a friend:

  • Send a code through an outside app on the user's device - this option will display a list of apps that are present on the user's device. The user can choose an app through which to send the invitation. An automatic message with the Drafter Code will be generated in the app's interface. The user has to input the recipient of the message and press send.
  • Generate a code to be sent manually - this option will simply generate a Drafter Code, that will be displayed in the Pending tab of the Friends menu. The commander can then manually give this code to someone else.
  • No matter which invite option is chosen, the new generated Drafter Code will be displayed in the Pending tab, along with its expiration timer. If the code is not used by a new commander before the timer expires, it will become invalid.

    Inputting a Drafter Code

    When a new commander receives a Drafter Code, they have to manually input this code in the Drafter tab of the Friends menu, by tapping the Enter Code button. Important: This can only be done before the commander's HQ reaches level 6. Above that level it's not possible to enter a Drafter Code.

    Once a valid Drafted Code has been entered, the new commander will be immediately connected with the veteran commander who sent the invitation. From this point, the veteran commander is known as a Drafter and the new commander becomes their Conscript. Some special rules and restrictions have to be noted:

  • If the Conscript and the Drafter are on different realms at the time of entering the Drafter Code, the Conscript's city will be immediately transferred to the Drafter's realm.
  • Upon transfer to the different realm, all marches outside the city will be immediately returned to the city.
  • If a march is in combat or the city is under attack, transferring to a different realm is not possible, therefore entering a Drafter Code under these conditions will be blocked. Once the commander is no longer engaged in combat they will be able to enter the Drafter Code.
  • After the player becomes a Conscript and is transferred to the Drafter's realm, he won't be able to transfer to a different realm anymore.
  • Both commanders will receive rewards upon connecting with each other.
  • A Drafter can have multiple Conscripts, but a Conscript can have only one Drafter. Even if a commander uses a Drafter Code to become a Conscript, they can also invite other new commanders to the game and become their Drafter.

    A Drafter can see a list of all their Conscripts in the Conscripts tab of the Friends menu.

    Conscript Goals

    Once a commander becomes a Conscript, they are given access to special Goals, that they can complete to unlock rewards for them and their Drafter. These goals and their rewards are displayed in the Drafter tab after a valid Drafter Code is entered. After a goal is completed, the rewards have to be collected manually from this menu.

    A Drafter can see the completed goals of any of their Conscripts by tapping on them in the Conscripts tab. Any drafter rewards for completed conscript goals have to be collected manually from this menu.

    Additional Drafter Rewards

    Each time a Conscript makes a purchase from the Bundles menu, their Drafter will receive an inbox message with a certain amount of Gold.

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