Build Your Add-On

Before you are able to use any ability you first must construct the corresponding Add-On. There are several things you must do before that:

  • Research the desired Add-On from the Science Camp. Your scientists are working tirelessly to create new technologies and you should let them get much rest.
  • Choose land where you plan to build. Be careful when doing that, Add-ons also need to connect to road in order to properly function.
Add On slot

Once the research is done and the spot is chosen we are ready to begin construction of your new add on Commander. The city's infrastructure already has roads connecting to each spot, so your newly built Add-on will be instantly connected to the Power Grid.

After the construction is finished, your new Add-On will expand it's unique ability will be available to you for use.

Upgrading an Add-On

Add-on Upgrades hugely improve the power of the Add-on ability and its bonuses. Depending on the level of your Add-on, the ability's duration, cool-down or effect will be improved. Add-on upgrades require an additional resource called "Graphene", before they can be performed. Any amounts of "Graphene", that may be in your possession are safely stored in the City and can never be looted by our enemies.

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