Alliance Commands allow members to better coordinate the actions of the alliance over the world map. Commands can be set or removed only by members with Clearence Level 4+. To set a command select any spot over the map and pick the Command button from the available options. Each spot shows contextually all available commands that can be set at this time.

After a command is set, other members can see it from the Alliance > Commands interface. All members can execute that command afterwerds. Additionally Commands bare rewards to everyone that succesfully perfoms it and some time even if they fail. Commanders that perform their own commands will receive reduced rewards from the expected maximums. All rewards and durations use internal values and can't be changed by alliance members. Rewards are limited per 24 Hours cycles for each Commander separately

Commands List

  • Reinforce: To complete this command send an army to reinforce the ally that is being attacked. The marked map tile can be Alliance building, Elite mine, as well as Ally's Cities and Camps
  • Attack: Respond to the command by attacking the marked map tile to complete it. This command might have a certain time set, at which it should be completed. Attacking the target before the set time will not complete the command
  • Scout: Respond to the command by scouting the marked map tile to complete it
  • Clear: Requires you to either deplete the resources in a non-elite or elite mine or defeat an encounter that occupies a tile of interest
  • Teleport City: Requires you to use a teleport consumable to teleport on a specific map tile
  • Create Camp: Requires you to send troops on a camp march to occupy a specific map tile

Some commands have the ability to set a specific time for execution. That would mean that all successful actions before that time arrives won't be considered for that command's completion. The time set uses Server Time which can be seen in the General interface at the very bottom of the screen. Additionally some commands have Type of Completion rules as well:

  • Single: Once the command is succesfully performed the command will expire
  • Multi: This command will expire only at the end of it's duration and can be done multiple times.
    NOTE: Performing one command multiple times reduces the rewards each time you do so. This is specific to each Commander.

TIP: Use a specific time for an Attack command to perform a more efficient attack gathering all members at once.

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