"Liberation Day" is a solo PVE event, during which allies can sync attacks to battle "XT Colossus" bosses. Each commander can earn points to compete in the global and league leader board by:

  • Damaging Bosses - gain points for each % of Boss HP your attack caused
  • Killing Bosses - gain points upon killing a "XT Colossus"

All points earned contribute to the Global leader board rank of each individual Commander. The commander that scores the highest amount of points wins "Liberation Day"!

Battle Rewards

During the "Liberation Day" event commanders can earn two types of rewards:

  • Individual - these rewards are given to players who battle "XT Colossus" bosses based on the damage they have done in terms of missing HP %.
  • Alliance Kill - these rewards are given to alliance members when a "XT Colossus" is killed by their Alliance.

Note: Only commanders with HQ level 10 and above will receive Alliance Kill rewards, regardless of their participation in the battle.

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