The missions and challenges aim to sharpen your skills and prepare you to face any upcoming obstacles in your command. You will be progressing through a series of Chapters, each with multiple missions that need to be completed. Completing missions will earn you stars which in term, unlock new chapters, challenges and many amazing rewards.


The campaign will put you against the forces of the Delta Syndicate. After the previous government was brought down, the Syndicate found their way to power using force and intimidation to grow their influence and capture the Government buildings. Knowing that resentment grows within each Commander in the world, they seek ways to consolidate their power and eliminate any opposition that may stand in their way. Fight your way through their lieutenants and the forces under their command to find out what the ultimate goal may be. There is a sinister hand sitting behind the Syndicate and should not be left unchecked for long.

Campaign Progression


To progress through the Campaign, you'll have to complete Chapters and each one able to give you 3 or 4 Stars depending. To gain stars, you must complete the displayed mission within each chapter. 3 Stars will be rewarded for the completion of all missions within a chapter, Commander! But if you wish to show your true power, there is an additional 4th Star in most missions that will allow you to take part in multiple Mastery Challenges. Earning 3 Stars in one chapter will unlock the chapter main reward for collection. The next Chapter unlocks only after collecting the previous chapter Main Reward.

Mastery Challenges

Commander, the Mastery challenges will test your strategic thinking and military skills in a series of battles throughout the campaign. Completing challenges may require you to defeat Encounters using a limited number of troops or only specific troop types. They become available to you only after gaining 3 Stars in the chapter. Note that not all Chapters have a Mastery Star to give. Should you prove successful in this challenge, amazing rewards await for you, and unlock the ability to grab your Daily Campaign Reward


Commander, while you progress through the missions and challenges, amazing rewards await based on the stars you earn and the chapters you reach. Here is a brief summary of the rewards you are entitled to get:

  • Missions - Each mission gives you star points that help you get the much desired 3 Stars. Added to this missions also have resource and item rewards to collect so watch out for them too
  • Main reward - This is what you will get once all 3 Main Stars are achieved. This reward is collected manually and it opens the path to the next chapter
  • Mastery reward - Completing a Mastery Challenge will award you the Mastery Star and also a one time awesome item reward. On top of that you will now be able to collect your Daily Reward for that mission
  • Daily Reward - It unlocks for a chapter when you gain all 3 and the Mastery star. Put simply, this will allow you to collect your Main Rewards every single day! The collection resets each day at 00:00 GMT
  • Reward Chests - Collect stars and unlock bonus chests on top of all other rewards you get from the campaign. Sounds great right?

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