Commander, charge into battle and secure victory by calling in the superior Warthog Air Support. The Air Support is a unique new march that can affect your battling troops in a specific area on the world map. The Troops of all battling alliance members will benefit from the area of effect, provided by the new Air March. The Warthog Air Support can boost your troops and devastate enemy troops with the following effects:

  • Buff - Increase the Firepower of your troops wile battling
  • Debuff - Increase the amount of damage that specific type of enemy troops receive

Calling in an Air Support requires the use of Air Support item, which can be found by going to MENU > ITEMS > ARMY category. Make sure to have a free March slot, because the Warthog Air march requires one. It's important to note the Air Support march has a duration and strategic planning will be the key to making use of its devastating power. Once the item is used you can select the target area for your Air Support. After the targeted area is locked in and confirmed, the Warthog Air Support will fly in to support any battles that may occur. Any Alliance Members, battling in the area will benefit from the effects of the Warthog Air Support.

Note: Calling in for Air Support must be done before the battle in the target area starts. The buffs and debuffs will not affect battles that have already been started.

Battle view details

All effects from Air Support marches can be viewed during an ongoing battle by clicking the Air Support icon at the top of the command interface. This will bring up a list of details about the buffs and debuffs that affect the Attacking and Defending Forces.
The Air Support march is extremely powerful strategic weapon, that can be devastating in the hands of skillful Commanderss.

Note: Warthog Air Support cannot be used while you are on Away servers during the Worlds at War event and do not affect PVE battles such as Encounters and Bosses .

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