"Babylon Tower" is an Alliance event that consists of two stages with PVE and PVP elements. The goal of the event is to generate as much points as possible from the event stages, as they both contribute to your Alliance score.

  • Players who are not in an Alliance can't participate in this event.

Babylon Tower event stages:

The Construction stage - At the start of this stage the Babylon Tower building will become available for placement in your Alliance Buildings menu. Once placed on the worldmap your allies will need to finish the construction by sending armies to it until it's reinforce capacity is reached. Only high-Ranking Alliance members (Rank 4+) can place the Babylon Tower on the worldmap to initiate the construction. After the construction is finished the Babylon Tower will begin generating event points for your Alliance at a constant rate. In addition to the event points the Babylon Tower will also provide a passive benefit for all your allies. Make sure to guard your Babylon Tower as it will stop generating points if it is damaged as a result of successful attacks from other alliances. Your Alliance Babylon Tower will not start producing points until it is fully repaired.

Note: The Babylon Tower can only be placed and constructed inside your Alliance Territory and you must have an active Alliance HQ!

The Destruction stage - During this stage, Alliances will gain event points by damaging and killing the Babylon Mechas that spawn at the remains of the Babylon Tower. Only one Mecha will spawn at a time, with a stronger one spawning at its place immediately after you kill the previous one. Make sure you gather as much allies as possible to inflict the the highest amount of damage and earn more points than the other alliances

Event Rewards

The members of the top scoring Alliances will earn amazing rewards at the end of the event.

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