The Event shop allows you to take advantage of a large selection of discounted items, that will help you develop your base and army faster, in exchange for special Event items. These items will be offered as a reward for participating in specific Events and will be stored in each Commander's inventory. Some Events may offer multiple event item types that can be earned while they are active.

When is the Event Shop open?

The Event Shop will be open while specific Events are active and will be closed a few days after the event ends. The Event Items can be spent on shop deals for a specific period of time. Event Shop Availability can be checked through the main Events Command Interface.

What Deals are available in the Event Shop?

While open, the Event Shop offers a wide variety of amazing deals. Always keep an eye out for the Special Deals. They offer heavily discounted highly valuable items but are available for a very short period of time.

All deals contain a fixed quantity of a specific item. Once the full quantity is purchased, you will not be able to purchase more items from that specific deal. Gold, basic resources and event items can be used to purchase the items from your desired deal.

The Special Deals in the Shop occasionally offers deals that can be grabbed for FREE, so make sure to keep an eye out for them and regularly check the available deals.

What to do with Event Items after the Shop closes?

Any items that were not used in the Event shop within the given time, will be automatically converted to bonus items in the form of resources. The expiration time of the event items is displayed on each of the available ones and can be checked by going to MENU> ITEMS> ECONOMY.

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