Such are used to spread your Alliance influence and capture new territories. Regions around the map can hold large mines that benefit all players within the alliance, also provide statistical benefits to all player that are positioned on them. Alliance Members with clearance 4 or 5 are authorized to place Alliance Buildings on the map for construction.


To begin expanding your regional control, an Alliance Headquarters must be constructed first. Placing any Alliance Building can be done for free. The HQ can be positioned anywhere freely on the map, but all other alliance buildings must occupy a free Regional Control Point.

When placing the Alliance Headquarters, you will notice an area of effect around the building. This indicates how many regions can possibly be occupied after the building is constructed. To begin construction, players from the alliance must send armies to that building. The stronger the army the faster it would be constructed. After finishing the Headquarters, all unoccupied Regional Control Points in the HQ area of effect that are actually connected with the HQ position will be automatically occupied with Alliance Outposts at no extra cost or time.

TIP: Placing your HQ between regions will give you better chance against losing your territory.

The construction of the rest of the alliance buildings works exactly in the same manner. The difference is that you can only place a building over a regional control point and within a region that is actually connected to the Headquarters itself or a region that borders with the first. You can't have gaps between your controlled regions.

The HQ itself does not control any region because it can't be positioned over a Control Point, it allows the construction of outposts or other buildings that do. Any region that is not connected to the HQ or a region that borders with one that is, will be considered disconnected from the group. Disconnected regions take damage over time after their initial disconnect and also can't be repaired. They need to be reconnected to the base chain in order to repair them. Disconnected regions can't be utilized in any way until reconnected to the alliance territory.

TIP: If you destroy the Alliance Building that controls the region an HQ is on, all other will be considered as disconnected and much easier to conquer further on.

Note that while under construction, alliance buildings can't be repaired and will be destroyed if their defense is reduced to 0 from attacks.

Buildings List

  1. Alliance HQ: Constructing an Alliance HQ is vital for your Alliance. It unlocks all other Alliance Buildings and forms your basic alliance territory group
  2. Alliance Shelter: The Alliance Shelter is indestructible once constructed. It' can't be attacked or scouted by anyone. Each member can send only one army to the Alliance Shelter. The building can't be used if disconnected from the HQ
  3. Alliance Outpost: These are basic buildings with that allow you to further expand your territory

* If the defense of an Alliance Building reaches 0 it will be destroyed and the benefits that they provide will be removed until they are rebuilt.

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