The Clearance Level defines every Commander's abilities within the alliance. The higher the clearance level is, the more control over the alliance that Commander has. Alliance Creators automatically receive the highest Clearance level (5) when they create the Alliance. Every other member starts at Clearance level 1 by default on joining. Promoting happens manually and Commanders can't promote at their own Clearance level with the exception of Level 5 (Alliance Leaders). Each Clearance level has a certain capacity for number of members on it.

To change any alliance member Clearance Level, from the main command interface select Alliance > Alliance Members > Tap on the desired member.

The same applies if you wish to kick a member out of the Alliance

Clearance Levels and Abilities

Edit Alliance Name \ Abbreviation
Edit Alliance Logo
Edit Alliance Slogan
Edit Alliance Requirements
Edit Primary Language
Edit Member Clearance Level1111
Accept Members
Transfer Leadership
Invite Members
Modify Alliance Diplomacy
Message all members
Request Resources2222
Request Alliance Help
Build Alliance Headquarters
Build Other Alliance Buildings
Remove All Alliance Buildings
Extinguish Alliance Buildings
Alliance Store Purchase
Cancel Resource Requests2
Set Technology Priority

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