Remnants from the old government regime, the Airports are buildings scattered around the world map holding great power within them. Commander, currently they are being held by Delta Syndicate loyalists, but if they are defeated, all this power can be under your control! Capturing one will grant you control over powerful Airstrike bombardments and a variety of passive bonuses. While you own an Airport, you may choose any target area, where the bombardment will be swiftly executed by a squadron of P-22's. Different Airports have different bombardment and passive effects. Search around the map to locate them. Know that they are not that easy to occupy. You may encounter Airports on the world map with various states:

  • Unavailable - An airport with active protection, that cannot be captured
  • Available - A non-occupied airport with no protection that can be captured
  • Contested - The airport has just been captured or its previous owner recently defeated
  • Active - Airports that are fully powered and functional. They can be either protected or available to capture by outside forces
  • Insolvent - An Inactive airport that is about to evict it's current owner because of lack of construction resources. Supporting top of the line jet fighters do cost a pretty penny


Airports help by the Delta Syndicate will typically have an army guarding them from potential wannabe captors. Airports in their "Unavailable" state are under full protection and cannot be attacked or captured until that state changes. Once Available, attacks on Airports can be executed freely. Defeating the army guarding it, will award the victor ownership and will put the Airport in its Contested state. Attacks, can be also reinforced to increase the chance of victory, just remember, the owner can be only one and with multiple attackers, the first to enter combat is set as owner upon victory.

NOTE: Any one Commander can own only 1 airport at a time. In order to capture a different Airport, any currently owned one, must be released via the Airport UI

Contesting Airports

Whenever a new Owner captures an Airport the status of the captured Airport changes to "Contested" for a limited amount of time. Contested Airports will stop airplane production, as well as upkeep payments. Once the Contested time expires, the Airport becomes "Active", which enables all production and bonuses. Upon becoming "Active" the Airport will receive Automatic Protection, that will prevent any hostile actions for a period of time. The Owner of the Airport cannot abandon it while it is "Contested" or before the Protection time runs out.

NOTE: Owners may abandon their airports. Any airplane construction progress will be paused and the guarding army will move back into the airport.

Airport Production

The airport production automatically starts once the Airport becomes "Active". Maintaining an operational airport has an upkeep that the airport owner must pay regularly. The upkeep is subtracted automatically and can be checked at any time from the Airport UI. Inability to pay that upkeep will disable all production and bonuses and but the Airport in "Insolvent" state.

If an airport remains Insolvent for a certain amount of time, the current owner will be removed automatically. The "Insolvent" status can be resolved using the "RESTORE" button, which requires a resource fee to be paid. The restoration fee includes the upkeep required for an additional amount of time after the status has been restored. Restoring the Airport will resume production and grant all respective bonuses.

Bombardment Effects

The bombardment effects, "delivered" by the Air march may differ from Airport to Airport:

Removal - All non-elite mines in a selected area are removed upon bombardment. Armies in these mines will be sent back to their owners without any damage with all resources collected before the bombardment.
Note: The level of the removed mines depends on the Airport.

Elite Mines:
Depletion - Bombarded Elite Mines from specific levels will be instantly depleted from the resources they currently hold and put them in cooldown. The Armies in these mines will be sent back to their owners with all resources collected before the bombardment.
Note: The level of the affected mines depends on the specific Airport.

Kill Strike - Destroys encounters up to specific level in the targeted Area. Rewards will be collected from a limited number of the top-level Encounters that were hit.
Note: The number of encounter rewards will depend on the specific Airport. The encounter level will depend on the highest unlocked encounter of the Airport Owner.

EMP Strike - Damages XT Colossus bosses in the targeted area.
Note: The % damage done the bosses will depend on the specific Airport. Additionally, this bombardment effect cannot be used to finish off a Boss at low health.

Alliance Buildings:
Purge - Alliance outposts will catch fire with increased burn rate for a limited amount of time.
Note: The burn rate and time applied will depend on the specific Airport. Additionally, the applied burn time can be stacked with any preexisting burn time.

Commander Bases:
Debuff - Commander bases in the bombarded area will be applied a debuff that affects build, recruitment, recovery, crafting and science point recharge speed.
Note: The debuff % will depend on the specific Airport. Commander bases with active Peace Shield are protected from the Bombardment Debuff. Additionally, the Debuff effects are not applied to cities currently in a battle at the time of the bombardment." p15: "Camps:
Removal - All camps in a selected area are removed upon bombardment. Armies in these camps will be sent back to their owners.

Additionally, the bombardment after effects will be sent to your Inbox as Reports that summarize the number of targets that were hit as well as any rewards that can be collected, depending on the bombardment effect.

Note: Peace Shield items cannot be activated while your troops are reinforcing an Airport.

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