"Grand Championship" is a server-wide event with spectacular rewards, that consists of seasons. Each Season spans over several "Championship" events. During each season of the "Grand Championship" Commanders can earn points by:

  • Finishing in the Top-Ranking Global Ranking of the "Championship" Stages and Final Ranking in the respective server (Example: Ranking 1st in a Championship Final = 20 pts in the Grand Championship ranking)

Commanders earn Grand Championship event points from the Ranking of the 5 Stages, as well as for their position in the Final Championship ranking. The "Grand Championship" will be available only on specific Instant War servers and in time will be made available to more of them. For more details about the Grand Championship points earned for each ranking position in each stage and the Final of a Championship, please check the table below:

11 - 2518181818187

Note: The Grand Championship ranking depends on the Championship events that may run during different weeks of a month(s) depending on the server. An equal amount of "Championship" events will run on all of the servers, selected for participation in the Grand Championship, before the winner is announced - this will event out the chances for Commanders from all servers.

What if two Commanders have equal amount of Grand Championship event points?

At the end of a season if two Commanders finish with the same amount of Grand Championship event points, the winner is determined by the total sum of Championship event points that a commander earned. In the case where the Championship Event Points are also the equal, the winner is decided based on the total amount of event points that Commanders earned from all Championship stages combined.

Note: The current Grand Championship leaderboard scores can be found in the event's main interface. Selecting any of the top 10 players listed in the leaderboard will provide further details about their performance throughout the Championship stages that have already finished.


To view Commanders who have previously triumphed in the Grand Championship select the "Event History" button. The History command interface will provide you access to the records about previous Championship events, scores and winners.


  • Leaderboard Rewards - the top-ranking Commanders in the "Grand Championship" Leaderboard will receive an Inbox message, containing their rewards.

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