The strategic map allows you to see more from the map than your usuall view will allow. With it's helpers, information there is easy to separate and use in your strategies. To enter the Strategic Map, simply tap the middle left button on your main command interface

Strategic Map View

On the map you will be able to see the following objects:

  • Own Camps and Base also all Alliance Bases
  • Regional Control Points and Outposts
  • Alliance occupied Regional Mines
  • All own Bookmarked Locations
  • All own Active Marches
  • Active Alliance Command locations

All territories and points of interest on the map will be colored wit appropriate colors to understand relations with the objects around.

  • Grey: Neutral territories that are not taken by anyone
  • Green: Your alliance and all allies
  • Blue: Alliances that are in a Coalition with your Alliance
  • Yellow: Your Friends
  • Red: Enemy Alliances and players

Sometimes you will see stripes mixing red with another color. What that means is that the alliance in question has set you as an enemy but your own displomacy status doesn't reflect that. All debufs will apply over his territories as usuall but not the other way.

Regional Control Points

Each region on the map has one Regional Control Point located somewhere in their territory. The points location is random from region to region

The points are best visible on the Strategic Map

Alliances can gain control of regions by building an outpost on the regional point tile. The controlled region of the regional point must be directly adjacent to the Alliance territory in order to gain control of it.

If another Alliance has a building on the regional point then the building must first be destroyed before your alliance can build on the control point and conquer the region.

Note: Players that are not in Alliances cannot control regions or build on the regional control points.