Benefit Passes can be found in their "Benefit Passes" tab in the Bundles menu. Once you purchase a monthly Benefit Pass you are entitled to the following rewards and benefits while the Pass is active:

  1. Benefits - Enjoy the following bonuses while your Monthly Benefit Pass is active:
    • Unlock the ability to search for Boss Raids using your Map search
    • Increase your Bookmarks capacity
    • Increase Parts Production Speed of your Weapons Factory
    • Unlock Additional Equipment Presets
  2. Rewards - Once you activate your Benefit Pass you will receive 3 rewards each day:
    Login each day to collect your Gold reward and number of unique items. Your item rewards are not fixed and the items you collect today can be different from the ones you get tomorrow.

Note: Benefit Pass Rewards are not collected automatically, remember to log-in each day to claim them!

Experimental Fuel Supply (7 Day Pass)


  • Login each day to collect your March Speed Up (50%) items

Technological Investment (30 Day Pass)

Benefit - Enjoy the following bonus while your Technological Investment Benefit Pass is active:

  • Increase General Energy recharge Speed


  • Login each day to collect your Research Documents and Random Resource crates