Lead your troops to victory with the help of your Heroes. All heroes have a variety of Skills and Perks, that can be upgraded to make them extremely powerful. Heroes can be assigned to marching armies, which greatly impacts the outcome of battles, as well as helps you develop a formidable base. As your heroes level up they can increase their Rank Stars, which allows them to unlock new skills and get stronger.

Recruiting Heroes

The Incubators in your Nation Building allow you to obtain Hero Emitters. Each Incubator can be opened for Free several times a day, or by using Genetic Code items, which can be obtained in exchange for gold. Opened incubators may reward Hero Emitters of different rarities. Once you collect enough Emitters for a specific Hero, you will automatically recruit it. To view all unlocked or locked Heroes, simply go to your Nation Building and select Heroes.

Hero Development

Leveling Up is a crucial part of your Heroes' development and is done using Forbidden Manuals. All Forbidden Manuals provide XP for your Heroes and can be obtained when defeating Encounters with a Hero or as a reward from an Incubator. Leveling up your Heroes also gives them Perk points, which can be used to upgrade Perks that you have activated. Additionally, some Hero Perks will allow you to obtain bonus XP from Encounters or from both Encounters and Forbidden Manuals.

Ranking Up a Hero's Star level unlocks new Skills and is done using Hero Booster items. Ranking Up will always unlock a new skill and can only be done when you reach a specific Hero level (for example, once it reaches Level 10 a hero can be ranked up to 1 Star).

Note: When using Forbidden Manuals and Hero Booster items you have a chance of critical, which results in receiving bonus on top of the quantity that is being added to your Hero.

Skills can be upgraded using Emitters. In order to upgrade a skill, it must be unlocked first. Upgrading skills requires Emitters of the respective Hero. Whenever acquire the required amount of Emitters, the next skill upgrade will become available. Upgrading skills automatically consumes the needed amount of Emitters.

Note: Each time you upgrade a hero's skills, the upgraded skill is chosen at random from the hero's currently unlocked skills, that are not maxed out.

Make sure to open Incubators in your Nation Building regularly, as well as to send out your Heroes on Marches versus Encounters. Doing this will ensure that you are on the right path to not only develop powerful Heroes, but also Leaders of your army.

Note: Your Heroes can not be lost in a battle and do not need to be recovered in the Civil Center.

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