Resource Assist

All members can request resources regardless of clearance level. For this to function an alliance HQ is required. The requests are limited in size and the amount can be increased by their Union Central.

Requests have a limited time duration. Each member assisting for a specific requests sends a march towards the Alliance HQ. Resources are stored there until one of the following happens:

  • The request is completely fulfilled
  • The request duration expires
  • The requesting player or a high ranking member of the alliance (Level 4+) cancels the request

Once any of the above occur the resources are send to the current position of that player

There is a cool-down after which the member can request resource assistance again. Another way to assist other players with resources is by sending them directly to their city, without going through the Alliance Assist menu. Note that while this is a faster method to assist someone with resources, a tax will be applied to the resources you send and the receiver will get a smaller amount.

Alliance Help

All members can use the help button to help other members on their requests. You can ask your allies to help whenever you build or craft. Each time an ally helps you it reduces the duration of that action. Each player can Help only once per unique request. Improve your Union Central to increase the amount of time reduced and the maximum number of times allies can help you.

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