Bundles are the greatest way to be always one step ahead of your opponents. Each bundle combines multiple items, from boosters to resource packs in a single, convenient package. The Bundles button, on top right corner of the main command interface provides access to all available Bundles and Benefit Passes.

Bundle Types

Depending on their availability Bundles can be:

  • Tiered Bundles - Each bundle is better than the previous one and you can get them only once. When you get the first tier, the next one unlocks with even better items. Once the last one is gone, have to wait for new offers to appear.
  • Starter Bundle - A one time, time limited offer that will provide the best benefit any Commander can get. Be aware, once it's gone, it's gone for good!

March to Victory

  • After the first time you acquire a bundle or a pack the March to Victory special offer will become available. It will track the amount of gold* from each pack or bundle you get and grant you special one-time rewards when you reach specific thresholds of this gold.
  • Important Note: Only the base amount of gold from bundles and packs counts toward acquiring the March to Victory rewards. Gold Value of items in the bundles and bonus gold from First Purchase of gold packs does not count toward these rewards. Furthermore gold obtained through Monthly passes, Event rewards, Gold mines, Inventory packs and in-game Messages does not count toward March to Victory rewards.

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