What's New

  • Hidden Signals - Introducing a new solo event. Collect Signal Fragments from Loyalist Camps, decipher the location of special boss enemies and defeat them for exciting rewards.
  • Various fixes and improvements:
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Rukasari's skill Silent Stalker from applying its march speed boost properly.
    • Fixed an issue with Shadow march reports that caused the game to crash.
  • Prestige - a unique progression tied to PvP skills and other activities, that provides amazing benefits. The more powerful an opponent is, the higher your Prestige reward will be.
  • Babylon Tower Event - a new Alliance PvP event with added PvE challenges. Defend your alliance's Babylon Tower and take down as many Mechas as possible to win awesome rewards.
  • Sync Attack Treaty - a protection from Sync attacks for low level commanders. An automatic protection is activated for these commanders if a battle at their base occurs.
  • Resource Protection - a set of improvements to help commanders mitigate losses after PvP battles. This includes not only basic resources and loot but also army losses.

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