"World Domination" is the ultimate Alliance PVP standoff. The winning Alliance will bring glory to their server as well as huge rewards. During the Event alliances from multiple servers will enlist for participation and will later engage in 1v1v1 battles to show off their Tactical and Militant Supremacy.


During the Enlistment phase only Alliance leaders (Rank 5) can enlist their Alliance for participation in "World Domination" free of charge. All alliances need to meet specific member count and total force requirements in order to be eligible to enlist for the event. Commanders with HQ level 10 and bellow will not be able to participate in matches. The number of Alliances that will proceed to the Match phase is limited and only the most powerful Alliances will be chosen. Once the Enlistment phase ends, the Alliances that successfully enlisted will be informed that they have been selected for participation in the "World Domination" event via Inbox message.

Note: Alliance members who leave or join the Alliance after its enlistment has concluded will not affect the Enlistment status or requirements. Additionally, Commanders can only join the "World Domination" matches as part of the Alliance they were originally enlisted with.

Matches and Round Progression

The Match phase begins with Round 1 and the announcement of all Alliance Participants and scheduled starting times of the matches. Members of the successfully enlisted Alliances will be able to see the number and start time of their own match, but the match opponents will remain hidden. The remaining Participants for each match will only be revealed shortly before the start of the actual Match.

Note: The available slots for Alliance members that can enter and actively play in a match is limited, so each leader should plan, coordinate and pick the best Commanders in their alliance.


During the 1v1v1 matches, Alliances will be able to earn Match Victory Points which help them win, but match victory points are not the only win condition. At the end of a match the 3 participating Alliances will be ranked from 1st to 3rd place. Each place in the Match ranking will earn the Alliance an amount of Match Event Points. Each Alliance will participate in several matches before a round finishes (except for the final round). At the end of a round the Alliances with highest Match Event Point score will proceed to the next round.

Note: It is possible for more than 1 Alliance to occupy the same position in a match ranking. In case where Alliances earn equal amount of victory points there may be Two Alliances occupying the 1st or 2nd place and even a "Complete Draw".

Event Shield

The bases of Commanders who enter "World Domination" matches will be protected by a special event Peace Shield. While under the protection of the Event Shield, they will not be allowed to send marches out. Sending an Airstrike and Resource Assist marches are allowed even if the event shield is active.

Note: The event protection does not interfere with active Peace Shields that Commanders have previously activated and cannot be interrupted.

Match Army

Once a Commander enters a match their army count, composition, march size and bonuses will be determined based on the following factors:

  • Army - Commanders will receive event troops based on the army that is currently in their Base, excluding reinforcing troops. Each troop will be converted to an amount of Event Troops based on the individual Troop Tier and The Commander's HQ level. To bridge in the gap between Commander's that have higher HQ level and higher recruitment capacity, Commanders with lower HQ level will receive slightly more Event troops of a Tier compared to high level Commanders.
  • March Size - March Size during matches will be based on each Commander's HQ level. The higher your HQ level the more troops you can send on a march. A March Size Booster item can be used to increase your march size even more.
  • Bonuses - the armies of all participants will benefit from their Government Title, Airport and Alliance Technology bonuses to Firepower, Mobility and Armor, that can be further increased by using Booster Items and activating VIP. Keep in mind that only the bonuses that are active before entering the match will apply to your troops for the duration of the match - activating boosters in the middle of the match will not affect the power of the army if you have already entered the match.

Note: After a Commander enters a match, they need to use the "Add Troops" button to add troops to their march - this will occupy one of the available Alliance Member Slots for the match. Commanders who enter the match but don't add troops will be considered spectators. The starting point of these troops is always the respective Alliance HQ.

Match Heroes

After a match has started only the Heroes present in your Base can join it and be selected for a march in the "World Domination" Battle Map.

Note: Heroes that are assigned as officers can't be used during the "World Domination" matches, unless they are unassigned from the officer slot.

Spectating Matches

Commanders from enlisted Alliances can spectate their Alliance' Match by entering the match without adding troops (Events > World Domination > Fight). While in Spectator Mode Commanders will not be able to post messages on the World Domination chat, checking buildings information or scouting battle map buildings. Commanders can still enter the match and spectate it even if all member slots are taken, but they will not be allowed to add troops and participate in the match.

Battle Map Actions

The "World Domination" Battle map consists of multiple buildings connected by paths. Each Commander will only have 1 available march. Marching armies can only travel on the paths to buildings adjacent to their current location and can be sped up using Gold and March Speed Up items. An army that is already marching cannot be recalled. Additionally, Commanders can perform the following actions on the battle map:

  • Battling - Opposing armies will only engage in battles while occupying buildings and will not be able to retreat from battle once it has started.
  • Return to HQ Teleport - A special Teleport can be used during the matches, which allows your army to quickly return to your Battle Map Alliance HQ and defend it or refill your march with more troops. Note that all Commanders can use a free teleport once, but further teleport actions will have an increasing cost in gold.
  • Scouting - Commanders can send out a Scout march, as long as their army is not marching. The Scout report contains valuable information about the target building or control point, the available Data Fragments and the armies inside. Scout marches can be send to all buildings, even the non-adjacent ones.
  • Troop Recovery - A special recovery queue with no capacity limit will be available for the duration of each match. Recovery can be done without any resource cost but takes time. Recovery time can be sped up using recovery speed up items or gold. Note that all battles on the "World Domination" battlefield result in 100% wounded. Keep in mind that when your Event Troops get wounded on the battle map, the troops in your base will not be affected in any way.

Note: Both Scouting and the Alliance HQ Teleport actions start off Free, but additional use of these actions will have an increasing cost in Gold.

Battle Map Buildings

There are four unique buildings on the battle map, each of them with no Reinforce Capacity limit. Additionally, some of the buildings have a chance of Data Fragments spawning on them. Data Fragments spawn randomly and are always guarded by a PvE army, that award personal and victory points. PvE Booster items can be used against these armies. Once the Guarding Army is defeated, the collection of the Data Fragment requires time and a specific number of allies. The full list of Buildings and their properties is as follows:

  • Alliance HQ- Key Building and starting position for every Commander's army. Alliance HQ must be protected at all cause. Successful attacks on Alliance HQ will force it into e Respawn state. If two Alliance HQs are in respawn state at the same time, the alliance holding the 3rd one will cause an automatic match, winning a huge amount of points!
  • Stronghold - stores the Data Fragments collected by Alliance Members. Successfully attacking an enemy Stronghold will transfer all stored Data Fragments to the attacking Alliance' Stronghold.
  • Control Center - Positioned at the center of the battle map, the Control Center brings extra Match Victory points to the alliance holding it at the end of the match. Data Fragment spawn chance: High
  • Control Points - Holding Control Points at the end of a match will earn additional Match Victory points to the respective alliance. Data Fragment spawn chance: Medium

Additionally, while the Alliance HQ is respawning, Commanders, that currently are returned in it, can add troops and garrison them inside, but they cannot send them on marches.

Note: Data Fragments will never spawn over Alliance HQ or Strongholds buildings on the Battle Map.

Earning Points

Alliances that participate in "World Domination" matches can earn Match Victory points to help them win the match by:

  • Holding the Control Center at the end of the match
  • Holding Control Points at the end of the match
  • Having Data Fragments in their Stronghold at the end of the match
  • Destroying enemy Alliance HQ (consecutive HQ destruction earns you less points)
  • Destroying the other 2 Alliances' Bases (awards bonus points to all)

Domination Victory - can be achieved by destroying both enemy Alliance HQ so that they are both in respawn state at the same time - Awards large amount of Match Victory points and finishes the match automatically.

Additionally, the members of each Alliance can increase their Personal Points and win personal rewards by:

  • Killing Enemy Troops
  • Capturing Data Fragments
  • Participate in the Destruction of an Alliance HQ

Event Rewards

Match Rearwards:

  • Personal - awarded based on Commander score at the end of each match
  • Alliance - awarded based on Alliance score at the end of each match

Round Rewards:

  • Alliance -awarded to all Alliances proceeding through a round

Final Rewards:

  • Alliance - awarded for being the top scoring Alliances
  • Server - awarded to all Commanders from the winning Alliance' home Server

Note: The Alliance Round and Match Rewards will only be given to Commanders who were part of the Alliance during its enlistment.

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