Instant War Account

What is an Instant War Account

An Instant War Account helps you safeguard your progress and allows you to access it from any device or platform. We strongly recommend that you Secure your Progress by linking it to an Instant War Account as it helps to easily recover the Progress in case you lose it.

How do I sign up for an Instant War Account?

After you finish the initial tutorial a popup will appear and provide a quick access to the Instant War Account Signup process. Alternatively you can go to the More button (...) in the lower left area, select Account from the available options and chose the Instant War Account Sign Up button. You will asked to complete the following fields:

  • Email - a valid email is required for the Signup. You will receive password reset codes on this email, should you request a password reset.
  • Username - a unique username, that is 4-16 characters. You will need the username when logging into your Instant War Account.
  • Password - a password that is at least 6 characters long.
  • Once you complete the fields and press the Sign Up button, the progress that you are currently playing will be linked to the newly created Instant War Account. You will also receive an email confirmation when your Instant War Account is created.

    Can I use the same email to secure a different game progress?

    Yes, You can use the same email to create a maximum of 2 Instant War Accounts. You can do that by opening a second progress and going through the Signup process again - you will use the same email and different unique username.

    How do I migrate my existing progress to an Instant War Account?

    If your Progress is already linked to any of the supported platform Gaming Services - Game Center (iOS) ,Play Games (Android) or Xbox Live (Windows), you simply need to go to the Account menu, chose the Instant War Account Sign Up button and fill in the required fields. Once this is done, you can enjoy playing that Progress from any other device using your Instant War Account.

    Does Instant War Account work the same way on Apple, Android and Windows devices?

    Instant War Accounts work exactly the same on Apple and Android. However, there is a slight difference, when playing on a Windows device, only if you use the Xbox Application and have an account logged into it. If you currently have a Progress that is secured using both Instant War Account and Xbox Live you will need to sign out of the Xbox Account, before you can switch to another an Instant War Account Progress.

    Can I switch between different Instant War Accounts?

    Yes, you can switch from one Instant War Account to another, regardless of the device you play on. If you are currently playing your Progress (A) and wish to switch to Progress (B), simply go to the Accounts menu, select Instant War Account Switch and enter the username and password of Progress (B). The game will reload and your Progress (B) will be loaded.

    Note: The Windows version of Instant War will always prioritize the Account Logged in the Xbox Application. If you wish to switch to a different Instant War Account you will first need to sign out of the Xbox account.

    I forgot my Password, what should I do?

    If you wish to reset your password you will need to go to More > Account and chose the Instant War Account Login button. Select the forgotten password button from the Login popup. You will first need to enter your username and press the Send Reset Code button to request a Reset Code for your Instant War Account. An email with the Reset Code will then be sent to the email address that is associated with the username you entered.

    After you copy the Reset Code, open Instant War and navigate to the nstant War Account Login button, select forgotten password and fill in all the fields on the Password Reset Form (Username, Password Reset Code, New Password and Confirm New Password). Once you press the Reset and Login button the game will reload and you will be back in your Instant War Account. An email will also be sent to your email address to notify you that a password reset was performed.

    How do I change my Password?

    To change your password, you will need to enter the game and be logged in with the Instant War Account, that you want modify. Once this is done you can go to More > Account Menu and press the Change Password button located on the Instant War Account details section (next your username). You will need to enter your current password and then enter the new password twice.

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