"DEFCON One" is an Alliance event that contains both PVE and PVP elements. The goal of the event is to take control of the World Government. During the event Alliances must first liberate the governmentb buildings from the Loyalist Forces and then battle each other for the leadership position. A single player will be chosen by the winners of the event to become the Prime-Minister and rule the world until the next "DEFCON" One event.

  • Players who are not in an Alliance can't participate in this event.

"DEFCON One" consists of three stages:

  1. The Preparation stage - At the start of this stage all player cities that are situated in the center area of the map will be automatically teleported to a random place outside the center area. The current Prime-Minister will lose his leadership position and all Government buildings will be occupied by the Loyalist Forces. All players will have the opportunity to teleport into the center area of the map and prepare for the second stage of the event.
  2. The Capture stage - During this stage, Alliances will gain event points by capturing and occupying the Government buildings and defeating Loyalist Forces.
    1. Defeat a Government building's current occupants and then defend the building against enemy attacks. The longer an Alliance is able to occupy a Government building, the more event points they will acquire. Different buildings reward different amounts of points.
    2. Loyalist bosses will spawn within the area, covered by a sandstorm. Defeat these bosses to gain event points.
  3. The Defend stage - At the start of this stage the Alliance, that has achieved the most event points during the Capture stage, will gain a special item - The Nuclear Launch Codes. This item will be automatically transported to the Alliance HQ of the winning Alliance. Until the end of the Defend stage, all other Alliances can attack the HQ in an attempt to steal the Nuclear Launch Codes. If an attack is successful, the Codes will automatically be transported to the attacker's HQ. The goal of this stage is to protect the Nuclear Launch Codes from being stolen. The Alliance who possesses the Codes at the end of this stage wins the "DEFCON One" event.
  • During all stages, if a player's city is successfully attacked in the center area of the map, that city will be automatically teleported to a random place outside the center area.
  • Note: Peace Shield items cannot be activated while your troops are reinforcing a Government Building.

Event Rewards

  • The leader of the winning Alliance will be able to appoint himself or any other member of his Alliance as the Prime-Minister. That person will gain all benefits related to that title until the start of the next "DEFCON One" event. These bonuses are:
  1. Build Speed (+5%)
  2. Recruitment Speed (+10%)
  3. All Resource Gather Speed (+20%)

The Prime-Minister bonuses are also displayed on the Public Profile of the commander, currently appointed as Prime-Minister. The currently appointed Prime-Minister and respective bonuses can be viewed by navigating to the Center of the World Map (X: 1024, Y: 1024), selecting the Capitol Building, chose "Government".

  • All members of the three Alliances, that have gained the most event points during the Capture stage, will receive a reward, based on their Alliance's position in the top 3 Leaderboard.
  • Note: Make Sure to check in-game for the most up to date values of Government Bonuses and Rewards.

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