Hero Skills play a vital role in Combat as well as other Development activities that you perform on the World map. Each Hero comes with a set of Active and Passive Skills, and higher rarity heroes have an Ultimate skill as well. These skills can be unlocked and upgraded as you develop your Heroes.

Whenever you unlock a new Hero, a Level 1 Skill will be unlocked by default. A new Skill is unlocked whenever your Hero reaches a new Star Rank. To upgrade an unlocked Skill you will need Hero Emitters for your chosen Hero. Once you have enough Emitters you can hit the Upgrade button and a random unlocked Skill will be upgraded to the next level (capped at level 5).

Skills in Combat

Your Heroes will join Combat along with the marching army that they lead. During battles the hero skills are used automatically as soon as their trigger condition is met. Some skills will buff or debuff certain units or whole armies, while others can directly damage the enemy forces. Damaging abilities use a Skill Factor, which is based on the power of the army, that your Hero leads.

Тypes of Hero Skills

  • Passive - provide great benefits to actions such as Combat, Gather, Encounter battles and more. They are triggered under specific circumstances, explained in each skill's description.
  • Active - powerful skills that are automatically activated during Combat on a turn-based cooldown.
  • Ultimate - highly powerful Combat Skills. Only Heroes from certain rarities have Ultimate skills. These skills are triggered by consuming a resource, called Adrenaline. While in combat, Adrenaline is automatically generated. Once it reaches the required amount, the hero's Ultimate skill is triggered.

Make sure to regularly open Incubators in order to collect Emitters for your Hero Skills as they will guarantee a swift victory for you and your allies when the time comes.

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