Precise Teleport

All players receive a Precise Teleport when they join Instant War. This allows you to position your city close to your friends and allies or even teleport to another realm as long as your HQ is between level 1-5.

How to relocate a City with the Precise Teleport?

  1. You can start by choosing a tile on the world map to teleport to. Be sure that the tile is not occupied by another player, mine or encounter. Simply tap on the map tile. Tap on the Teleport button when the contextual menu pops out.
  2. Your city will appear on the selected tile. Make sure that the city is highlighted in green and tap the confirm button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap on the button in the pop up to confirm the action and the use of the teleport.

Alliance Teleport

The Alliance Teleport allows you to relocate your city to a free spot within the territory of your current Alliance or the territory of Alliances you are in Coalition with. This Teleport cannot be used while your city is outside of the specified Alliance territories.

Random Teleport

Random Teleports are cheaper and more common than Precise Teleports. Using a Random Teleport will move your city to a random free slot on the world map. Random Teleports can be useful if you need to get your city out of a dangerous situation.