Officer stations

Heroes can be assigned to special positions within the Base, which allows them to provide various benefits for the Commander and his armies. These Command Stations are divided into two categories:

There are three Officer positions in the National Building. Assigning a Hero to one of these positions activates that Hero's Officer Skill - a powerful passive skill, that provides a global benefit across your whole base or all of your armies and marches.

A Hero's Officer Skill is unlocked when the Hero reaches a specific level. After unlocking it, the skill can be upgraded, similar to other hero skills.

Heroes, who are assigned to an Officer position, can't be sent on marches outside of the Base. The only exception to this rule is L.I.L.L.Y., who can be an Officer and still go out on marches.

All Officer stations have a cooldown, which determines how often a hero can be assigned to each of the three stations. In a similar manner each Hero has their own separate cooldown, determining how often they can be assigned as an Officer.

Bearing in mind the restrictions of these cooldowns, you can freely assign, change or unassign any Hero with an unlocked Officer skill to any Officer Station.

Base Stations


The Base Stations allow you to put Heroes in charge of various buildings around the Base. This way they can boost various productions and provide benefits for day-to-day activities.

Each available booster in the Base Stations has a number of requirements, that have to be fulfilled to activate that benefit.

Requirements are presented in the form of Base Buildings and specific Hero Specialties tied to them. To fulfill each requirement, first the Base Building has to be built. After that, using the Base Stations menu, you can assign to that building a Hero, who possesses the specialty, specified by the requirement.

Once all requirements of a booster are fulfilled, the benefit of that booster will be activated. These benefits do not expire as long as their requirements remain fulfilled.

Being assigned to a Base Station doesn't prohibit Heroes from being sent out of the Base on marches.

The list of available boosters from the Base Command Stations will change in time. Old boosters will become unavailable and in their place there will be new boosters with new requirements. When such a change occurs, all Heroes, who are currently assigned to Base Stations will be automatically unassigned and all active benefits of the boosters will be deactivated.

Note: "When assigning Heroes to any Command Station, you have to be aware of the following restriction:" A Hero can't be assigned to more than one Command Station at the same time. If a Hero is already assigned to a Base or Officer Station, assigning them to another will automatically unassign them from their current position. When doing this, you should be aware that currently active Boosters or Officer Skills might become inactive.

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