Shadow Mercenaries Overview

Commander, the new Shadow Mercenary units are specially trained for fast stealth attacks on unsuspecting enemies. These units operate under some special rules.

  • Shadow Mercenaries can't be recruited through normal means. They are hired to fight for you. You can buy hiring contracts for specific type and amount of Shadow mercenary units through a special Time Limited Event.
  • Shadow Mercenaries do not become a part of your regular army. They are a separate army by themselves. They can be viewed in a separate "Shadow" tab of your Army screen. When you wish to send your army on specific tasks, you will be given the choice between sending your regular troops or Shadow Mercenaries. Look for the "Shadow" tab in the Send March screen to switch to Shadow Mercenaries. If the tab is not visible, that indicates that you can't send Shadow Mercenaries on the chosen task.
  • Lost Shadow Mercenary units don't get converted to wounded and they can't be recovered as your regular army.

Staying Hidden

  • When you send a Shadow Mercenary march on a task, that march will be invisible on the World map to all players except you. They become visible to everyone only when they enter combat and they disappear again after the combat ends.
  • If there's a Shadow Mercenary march coming to attack your base, you will not see them on the World map, but you will still receive an Alert. However, the Alert screen will not display the attacker's identity.
  • Shadow Mercenary armies always keep the identity of their owner hidden. It will not be displayed in any Alert or Combat report.
  • Shadow Mercenaries don't have a force value, so your Force Power will not increase when you hire them.
  • These units will never appear on any Scout report, they remain hidden in your base.

Available Actions

  • These new units are specifically trained to make stealth attacks against enemy Commanders. You can attack Commander bases, Alliance buildings, Camped enemy armies and armies, who are gathering from a mine.
  • You can send Shadow Mercenaries to join allies in attacking enemy Commanders.
  • Shadow Mercenaries will not defend your base when it's under attack. They also can't be sent to reinforce another player's base or an Alliance building.
  • Shadow Mercenaries will not attack Loyalist Camps, Boss units or other PvE targets. They also will not gather resources from any mine.

Unit Statistics

  • These units have an increased marching speed and load capacity, so you can make quick attacks and steal more resources.
  • Though they have lower armor, the Shadow Mercenaries excel in dealing high amounts of damage.
  • Despite not being a regular part of your army, Shadow Mercenary units will benefit from all modifiers that increase your army's power or survivability in PvP combat.

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