City Conversion

Greetings, Commander, and welcome to your new home! Update 8 introduces many major changes to the gameplay of Instant War. Mainly, you will now have access to an inner-city view with a full tycoon mode, where you can build, upgrade and rearrange your city to your liking. For veteran commanders, their city progression will be converted to this new style of gameplay automatically. Below is a detailed explanation of how this conversion works.

HQ Conversions

The old 20 levels of city progression are converted into 30 levels of progression. Every commander's HQ is converted to a new higher level, depending on their old HQ level. Additionally, if you've already reached the maximum level of progression, 5 additional levels have been added, so you can continue your climb to greatness. Respective conversion levels are as follows:

  • Every level below Level 5 - converts to Level 6
  • Level 5 - converts to Level 8
  • Level 7 - converts to Level 11
  • Level 8 - converts to Level 12
  • Level 9 - converts to Level 14
  • Level 10 - converts to Level 15
  • Level 11 - converts to Level 17
  • Level 12 - converts to Level 18
  • Level 13 - converts to Level 20
  • Level 14 - converts to Level 21
  • Level 15 - converts to Level 23
  • Level 16 - converts to Level 24
  • Level 17 - converts to Level 26
  • Level 18 - converts to Level 27
  • Level 19 - converts to Level 29
  • Level 20 - converts to Level 30

Note that the above conversion considers only the HQ building itself. Conversion for other buildings is explained below.

Important Note: If you've started an improvement of your HQ prior to the update, your HQ is considered of the level you're improving to. For example if your HQ is being improved from level 14 to level 15 at the time of the conversion, your HQ level is counted as a level 15 and the HQ is converted to a level 23.

Tycoon Buildings

In Update 8 the Districts and their improvements have been replaced by a full inner-city view with a lot of separate buildings. You're able to manipulate these buildings to freely customize your city to your liking.

When converting your city to this new model, a number of buildings will be pre-built and upgraded to a certain level, depending on your city's previous progression. Specifically, the modifiers that the District Improvements provide are taken into account when performing this conversion. This means that the amount and levels of pre-built buildings in a converted city will depend on the previous progress of the city's districts. The pre-built buildings will match all the modifiers that you had from improving your city.

Important Note: A lot of the modifiers have been rebalanced for a better gaming experience. Because of this, converting a city from the old style gameplay to the tycoon might result in some discrepancies that won't be possible otherwise. Such discrepancies may include

  • A tycoon building being higher level than the HQ itself
  • Some modifiers might convert to a slightly higher or lower amount than you had previously
  • The buildings' power consumption might be higher than the city's power capacity - this might result in a temporary inconvenience that you won't be able to construct additional buildings. In this case, you have the option to upgrade your Hydroelectric Station in order to gain more power capacity, or to Demolish certain buildings to lower the power consumption.
  • Certain Researches, that you were previously able to get might require a couple more levels to reach. Note that all previously bought researches will continue to function as normal, regardless of their requirements.
  • The requirements for improving your HQ might have changed. While previously you had to build multiple improvements to upgrade a whole district, now you'll need to upgrade only a few buildings. New HQ levels are easier to reach.

Edit Mode

After conversion, you're able to take advantage of the tycoon's Edit Mode to rearrange all your pre-built buildings and roads. Tap and hold on any of the buildings or roads in the city to enter Edit Mode.

When rearranging your city, mind the roads. If a building is not connected to the HQ via a road, it will not function.

Note that some buildings, such as the HQ or the Assembly Grounds, are considered "fixed" and can't be moved from their place.


The Nations are another of the new major additions in Update 8. Depending on the your chosen Nation, you'll receive permanent bonuses to specific modifiers. When your city is converted, a Nation is chosen for you at random. You receive a special Nation Change item that you can use to review all the different nations and their bonuses and pick the one you want to join.

Add-On Upgrades

The city's Add-Ons can now be upgraded to make their special Skills even more useful. At conversion, any Add-Ons that are already built or are in construction in your city will be pre-upgraded to level 5.

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