Whenever a player successfully attacks your base it will begin to burn and will lose defense over time. If your base defense drops to 0 your Base will be automatically relocated to a random world map tile.

Defense Loss

If an enemy manages to defeat you in your Base, your HQ will begin to burn for a specific amount of time. During that time an amount of Burn damage will be applied to your Base Defense. Each consecutive attack on your base will cause districts to burn (districts are randomly selected). Burning districts will add an additional amount of burn damage to the "Total Burns" increasing the defense loss amount.
Your Base's current Defense, "Burn Time" and "Total Burns" can be found by going to your HQ and selecting the "DEFENSES" button.

Base Debuffs

While your Base is burning a debuff, that negatively affects the functionality of your burning districts is applied. The lower your Defense falls the higher the debuff effects will be. The debuff affects base districts as follows:

  • Headquarters - reduced construction speed
  • Industrial District - reduced resource output
  • Military District- reduced recruitment speed
  • Civil District – reduced troop recovery speed
  • Science District – reduced science point recharge speed
  • Tech District – reduced crafting speed
  • Social District - reduced reinforce capacity

To stop the defense loss, tap on your HQ and tap on the Defense button.

You can Extinguish all fires at once using Free Extinguish or Gold (The free Extinguish has a 12 Hour cool-down)

Extinguishing the burning fires will stop the defense but the debuff will remain until your base Defense has been recovered. You can use Gold to Repair all districts and recover the lost defense immediately.

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