Your Base is your sanctuary and it's best kept well protected against the many threats that are out there. So for that reason you have several choices in order to better defend it:

  1. Keep your Peace Shield up: This is your ultimate level of defense. As long as the Shield is on, no one can touch your resource or troops inside the Base. To activate it select your HQ and then Boosters -> Peace Shield.
  2. Recruit More Troops: Make sure to always recruit additional military units. They will help you be effective out on the world but will also keep you safe at home. The higher tier they are, the better your chances will be.
  3. Join a Strong Alliance: Allies can reinforce you when being attacked. They will help defend your city or join you in battle in preemptive strikes against other potential attackers. Let's not forget the Alliance Tech bonuses...
  4. Relocate: Using any of Teleport Items to relocate your Base and hide from your aggressors is also a great way to stay safe.

TIP: Always recover your wounded troops in order to prevent further loss. If your Recover Capacity is insufficient and your soldiers are wounded in battle you may lose them permanently.

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