Take your battles to new heights by commanding a squadron of Aircrafts that can perform various tasks to ensure you and your allies prevail against any opponent. The Light, Medium and Heavy Aircraft units will provide an additional power and flexibility to your ability to impact battles on the world map. The newly added S.A.M. unit is a ground unit that is highly proficient at dealing with Aircraft units will allow you to hold your own against them in any situation, be it in your base or elsewhere on the world map.


With the introduction of the new Air units, an additional new unit property called Capability will be added to all units attacking Air and Ground forces. The Capability of a unit will determine the amount of base damage done to the unit being attacked. The scale of Capability will range from Full (maximum base damage), High, Half, Partial, Low to Minimal (lowest base damage).

The 4 new unit types come with their own strengths and are as follows:

  • Light Aircraft - proficient in attacks against Air units
  • Medium Aircraft - well rounded in attacks against Air and Ground units
  • Heavy Aircraft - proficient in attacks against Ground units
  • S.A.M Anti Air unit - highly proficient in attacks against Air units

Air units have their own Air March queue and march size. This Air march size can be increased by leveling up the Air Field in your base.

Another addition to the Air units are the bonuses from Efficiencies which will impact combat in the following way:

  • Ground Ability- adds additional damage towards attacks against Ground forces
  • Air Ability- adds further damage towards attacks against Air forces
  • Detection - impacts the ability of an aircraft to intercept other air units
  • Support - impacts the ability of the Aircraft to provide support

Additionally each air unit has a specialty that defines it's usability against other units or in actions. These specialties provide a benefit when fighting or providing support against the defined unit type.

Note: Air units that are taken down during battle do not go to the Civil Center but a percentage of their Aluminium cost will be restored to you.

Anti Air Units

The S.A.M. units are highly efficient when fighting against Air units. They can be assigned to defend your base through the Defense interface of your city Wall or can march along with your ground units. Anti Air units will have their own separate march size and slot in the Send March interface, where you can assign them to the respective march. This Air Defense march size can be increased by leveling up the Air Field in your base.

Air Force Uses

Air units will use the Air March Queue, which cannot be sped up unlike the normal March queues. Additionally, Air Force actions require an amount of Jet Fuel, which can be refined in the Jet Fuel Refinery in your Base. The Air march has a practical range, which is defined by the Fuel Supply of the selected Air units. Performing actions will require a portion of the Fuel Supply to be used as well as an additional amount covering the distance of the respective destination. If your Fuel Supply is depleted the Air units in the march will automatically return to your base.

One of the key aspects of Air units is Air Superiority, which allows you to temporarily obtain control over a map region, providing increased task Efficiency and Air March Defense on that region for you and your allies. Air Superiority can be established and maintained in the following way:

  • Establishing Superiority - select any unoccupied tile in a map region to send an Air March using the "Air Superiority" action. If another player holds superiority over that region a battle will take place.
  • Maintaining Superiority - done automatically after superiority over the region has been established. This process consumes Fuel Supply over time and the consumption rate is based on the distance between the region and your base.

Performing tasks with the Air March in another region will result in losing Superiority of the respective region.


All tasks performed by Air units have a Fuel cost and can be cancelled instantly, which will return the units to your base. Currently Air units can perform the following tasks:

  • Air Raid - carry out an attack against camping army or a player's base. The Air units will execute a strike and can be hit if any Air capable units are present in the battle.
  • Support - grants different benefits to the units fighting in a region where you or an ally holds Superiority. Before the task is carried out you will be able to choose one Specialty that will be used for the Support task. The Specialty benefit scales with the amount and composition of Air units in the selected march. The Air Support tasks only affects PvP battles.

Note: Air Raids are executed 3 seconds after the Air units arrive on the selected point of interest.

Aircraft Production

All Aircraft units can be produced in your base. Once you reach HQ level 15 the Light, Medium and Heavy Aircraft Assembly buildings will be unlocked along with the Aluminium Mine, Jet Fuel Refinery and the Airfield. The recruitment of Aircraft units can be done in the Aircraft Assembly buildings. Recruiting Air units will require Aluminium that you can collect in your base or from mines on the world map. The 3 unique Air Force recruitment queues can be accessed by opening the action bar recruit section and selecting the toggle for Air and Ground recruit queues. The Airfield in your Base unlocks the Air March Queue, lets you manage your air units and increases the Air and Air Defense march size.

Jet Fuel Production

Jet Fuel is essential for all Air-related actions and can be produced in the Jet Fuel Refinery in your base. The process requires Petroleum and Composites to be continually supplied to the Jet Fuel Refinery. Once you begin the process the basic resources will be refined into Jet Fuel until they resources are depleted. Make sure to upgrade the Jet Fuel Refinery to reduce the Jet Fuel Production Time and increase the Jet Fuel Storage, Petroleum and Composites Capacity.

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