Last Stand

Last Stand is an Alliance PvE Event, in which Commanders from an alliance must cooperate to defend their alliance buildings from waves of attacking enemies. The Assault is manually triggered by the Commanders, so they can choose the most convenient time for them to play this event.

Event Difficulty

There are three difficulties for the Assault in the Last Stand event – Easy, Medium and Hard. Each difficulty has it’s own requirements, that need to be met before the Commanders can play on that difficulty.

Activating the Assault

The Last Stand event will be active for a certain period of time and the actual Assault can be started at any time during this active period. Commanders, who have an alliance rank of IV or V can choose the most convenient time for their alliance to start the enemy Assault. To do this, they need to pick the desired difficulty (provided they’ve met all the requirements for unlocking that difficulty) and tap Start.

A couple of restrictions apply:

  • An Assault can be played only once during the active period of the Last Stand event.
  • The Assault can’t be started with 3 hours or less left until the end of the Last Stand event.
  • Event Rules

When an Assault is started, PvE enemy marches will start marching toward the alliance’s buildings. These enemies will come in waves of armies, which will get progressively larger and more numerous.

  • March Speed - While the Assault is active, Commander armies will march at a very increased speed toward their alliance buildings.
  • Wounded - As with other PvE battles, all units, lost during an Assault, are converted to wounded.
  • Event Shield

While the Assault is active, all Commander cities and Alliance buildings will be protected by a special shield. This shield protects the cities and buildings from enemy players’ attacks and scout marches. It also prohibits any aggressive actions, such as attacking and scouting enemy players’ cities, mines or camps.

The event shield has a certain amount of health and can be damaged by PvE enemies under special event rules.

When an enemy army reaches it’s targeted building, it will attempt to destroy the building’s shield and conquer that building. If it succeeds, the alliance will lose the event.

Commanders need to reinforce their alliance buildings and defend them from these attacking enemies. As long as there are armies to defend the buildings, the shield will be damaged at a very reduced rate.

To win an Assault, the Commanders from an alliance must endure and defeat all incoming enemy marches.

Event Points

Event points can be earned only during an active Assault.

Personal points – personal event points are earned, based on killed enemy units.

Alliance – the alliance event points are accumulated in a few different wayss

  • All participating Commanders’ personal points are added to the pool of alliance event points
  • Every defeated enemy march grants a certain amount of event points to the alliance
  • At the end of the Assault the alliance gets additional event points, based on the health left on the alliance buildings.
  • Rewards

First Victory Rewards - All members of an alliance will receive special rewards for the first time they manage to achieve Victory in a Last Stand Assault.

Personal Threshold Rewards - Unlocked by accumulating personal event points. All unlocked rewards are sent via mail after the end of an Assault.

Player Leaderboard Rewards - The highest scoring Commanders will receive leaderboard rewards after the end of the Last Stand event.

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