The world Government is formed by the Prime-Minister and his decisions. He has all the power to take action within the government. The Prime-Minister is appointed by the leaders of the Alliance that wins DEFCON One. The Prime-Minister will have the power to shape the world to his choosing and have control over the:

  • Appointment of Minister and Fugitive Titles
  • Selecting a number of Government Laws that can effect the whole world
  • Shipment of War Chests filled with great rewards to Commanders of his choosing
  • Customization of the World Flag, Name and Slogan

Additionally, the Prime Minister will benefit from a set of bonuses, which will be active until the next DEFCON One event starts. These bonuses are:

  • Build Speed (+5%)
  • Recruitment Speed (+10%)
  • All Resource Gather Speed (+20%)
  • The Prime-Minister bonuses are also displayed on the Public Profile of the commander, currently appointed as Prime-Minister. The easiest way to view the Prime-Minister bonuses is to navigate to the Center of the World Map (X: 1024, Y: 1024), select the Capitol Building, chose "Government". The current prime minister and his bonuses will be shown at the top of the Government Command Interface.

    Note: Make Sure to check in-game for the most up to date values of Government Bonuses.

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