Tactical Incursion gives commanders new goals to achieve within the game and opportunities to earn exciting rewards.

You can access the Tactical Incursion menu through the Data Center building and the Events menu.

In the menu, you will be presented with a set of available missions for the current Tactical Incursion season. Each week, a new set of missions will be unlocked.

For each completed mission you will be rewarded with Battle Points. Additional Battle Points can be obtained from the Daily Missions each day.

Accumulating enough Battle Points will increase your Tactical Incursion level. Your Battle Points and level progress is displayed above the list of missions in the menu.


In the Rewards tab (found at the top of the menu) you will find a list of rewards, that will become available for collecting when you reach the specified Tactical Incursion level.

Even after reaching the maximum level of Tactical Incursion, you can continue completing the available missions and gaining Battle Points and levels for additional rewards (displayed at the bottom of the Rewards tab).

When the current season of Tactical Incursion ends and the next one starts, all accumulated Battle Points and Tactical Incursion levels will be reset to 0. Available missions and rewards will change for each season.

Battle Grant

The Battle Grant section of the Rewards tab displays special rewards that can be earned in addition to the normal rewards for every achieved level of Tactical Incursion.

Access to these rewards can be unlocked by making a single purchase of the Instant Pass. Purchasing the Instant Pass will unlock access to all previously achieved rewards, as well as any future rewards you will reach in the Tactical Incursion.

In addition to this, purchasing the Instant Pass will immediately boost your Tactical Incursion level by 8, unlocking all respective rewards along the way, and you will receive a one time reward of 2000 gold.

Once purchased, the Instant Pass will be active until the end of the current season of Tactical Incursion.

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