To access all available Add-On abilities (locked or unlocked), you can tap the middle right section of your main command screen. This would extend the ability panel which holds all information about each ability separately. If you are wondering what do you need to get in order to unlock an ability, just tap on it and check the requirements in the description panel. Each ability has a main unique effect and a secondary passive bonus that compliments some of the development actions and is applied regardless of the status of the main effect.


Industrial Add-on

Add-On: Packing House | Ability: Growth

  • Main Effect: Generate X hours worth of resources instantly, based on your current production output. Goes in Cooldown after activation
  • Passive Bonus: Increased XP from Encounters.

Military Add-on

Add-On: Emergency Center I Ability: Immediate Evac

  • Main Effect: In the first solo battle after ability activation (up to) All lost units, will be considered as wounded. Goes in Cooldown after first solo battle end
  • Additional Info: Your current recovery capacity applies normally. A solo battle is considered one, that you alone stand on the attacking side throughout its full duration. Once the ability is activated it will wait for the first solo battle with no time limits over it. You can activate this ability in the middle of the battle as well. The Immediate Evac ability does not affect battles on Government Buildings.
  • Passive Bonus: Increased Recovery Speed.
  • Note: Make sure to always recover any wounded troops before Attacking another Base while "Immediate Evac" is active. This will reduce the chance of filling up your recovery capacity and potentially losing troops that would otherwise be wounded. *Keep in mind that the "Immediate Evac" ability does not trigger when you are on the Defending side of a battle.

Civil Add-on

Add-On: Emergency Wing I Ability: Recall

  • Main Effect: Return all marching squads that are currently not in battle back to base. The return march takes 3 seconds regardless of distance. Goes in Coodown after activation
  • Passive Bonus: Increased March Speed.

Scientific Add-on

Add-On: Bio-Mechanical Lab I Ability: Adrenaline

  • Main Effect: Increases the Energy recharge speed for your general with +50% for X Hours. Goes in Cool-down after the expiration of the effect
  • Passive Bonus: PvE (Encounters) March Speed.

Tech Add-on

Add-On: Weapons Factory I Ability: Manufacturing Line

  • Main Effect: Grants the ability to produce Crafting Parts from common and uncommon rarity.
  • Passive Bonus: Reduced Crafting Cost.

Social Add-on

Add-On: Town Hall I Ability: Donation

  • Main Effect: For the next X Hours all non-gold Alliance Technology donations give double the resources required instead of taking them. 24 Hours Cooldown after the expiration of the effect
  • Passive Bonus: Increased Resource Production Output.

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