You can access the setting by taping More on the main command interface and Settings after that.

The settings menu allows you to manage sounds, game language and features such as:
Starting a new game: Note that this will reset all your current progress!
Linking in-game progress with a gaming service account.

If you wish to reduce the notification you can select any of the option to turn on or off. We are constantly trying to improve this section so the information will be valuable and informative for you, Commander

  • Warfare - when your city, resource tile or reinforced ally is attacked, scouted or combat has begun and when enemies retreat
  • City Development - when construction, recruitment, recovery, crafting or improvements are completed
  • Ally Message - when receiving a new message from alliance members
  • Alliance - when alliance technology contributions are available
  • Cooldown - when ability's cooldowns are finished or general energy is regenerated
  • Event - when events are about to start (Kill, Gather or Power events, Updates etc.)
  • Protection - when protection buffs such as Shield or Anti Scout are about to expire