The "Championship" is a multi-Stage event with amazing rewards for the winners, that runs over multiple days on the same server. Each stage of the championship works as a normal Global Leaderboard Event and begins immediately after the previous stage ends. While the "Championship" is active, Commanders earn points by:

  • Participating in the Random Rotation and Final Stages

Each stage of the "Championship" will have its own points pool, meaning that when a stage ends and another one begins, every Commander's points pool will show an amount of 0. There will be a separate pool of points that will display each Commander's Championship points (accumulated from all Stages combined), that does not reset between the "Championship" stage. The Championship rank and points can be seen under the championship logo in the event's main menu.

Note: Your "Championship" ranking position and points will be updated at the end of each stage, after the stage ranking has been calculated and the winners are announced.

Championship Stages

Random Rotation Stages - these stages do not have a fixed stage order. This means that a Build Stage for example, could appear as 1st Stage during one "Championship" and as the 4th Stage during the next one. The current list of Random Rotation Stages includes:

  • Build Stage "Contractor Capacity"- build and upgrade your base to gain points and awesome rewards
  • Recruit Stage "We want you!" - recruit troops and increase your army to gain points and win stunning rewards
  • Gather Stage "Harvest Season" - gather and produce resources to gain points and win amazing rewards
  • PvE Stage "Operation Desert Wind" - Attack and defeat encounters to gain points and great rewards

Event Finale - these types of stages are fixed and will always be scheduled with a fixed order throughout all "Championship" events. The current Finale stage is:

  • Kill Stage "Mark of Supremacy" - kill enemy troops to gain stage points and amazing rewards!


  • Stage Rewards - Commanders can earn Tier and Leaderboard rewards during each Stage. Tier rewards are unlocked based on your points and can be collected form the Championship command interface. Leaderboard rewards received via Inbox message at the end of the respective stage.
  • Championship Rewards - at the end of each Championship, the Top Commanders will earn rewards based on their final Championship points. Rewards will be received via Inbox message

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