Activating VIP will provide great benefits that will help with the development of you base and army. The types of benefits and bonus amounts will depend on your current VIP level. To increase you VIP level you need to use VIP points. VIP points can be obtained in the following ways:

Daily Login VIP points - Logging into Instant War each day will earn you free VIP points, which will be automatically added to your current VIP points pool. The amount of points you receive will increase with each consecutive day you logged in, until you reach the 7th day. Make sure to log in every day to earn the maximum amount and never miss your free VIP points.

Login Day1234567+
VIP points100200300400500600700

Whenever you reach a new VIP level your VIP benefits will be automatically activated for the next 24 hours.

Add Points directly - You can always add more VIP points in exchange for gold. This can be done by going to the VIP menu and selecting Add Points.

Map Search

Activating VIP search allows you to use an unlimited amount of Map Searches. This helps you search for specific world map objects based on their type and level. You can use your Free Map searches if your VIP is not active - the amount of free map searches depends on your current VIP level.

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