Welcome to the new Instant War Prestige System in which glorious victories will allow you to gain amazing benefits by showing off your combat prowess to the world. Within this system, every PvP battle will be rated, and based on various conditions, Commanders will Gain or Lose Prestige respectively. Obtain enough Prestige, and you will elevate yourself through the number of Prestige Ranks which provide potent benefits for your base and armies.

Prestige Change

Gaining Prestige is done most reliably via glorious battles against true opponents across the World Map. Winning worthy battles against other Commanders will ensure your rise through the ranks and ensure you are deserving of all the benefits that come with it. The number of Prestige gained will vary depending on the HQ level of your opponent and their own Prestige Rating. Higher-level targets could potentially prove more challenging, but with it, also bring better benefits in terms of prestige gain.

In this respect, there is no glory to be gained from fighting weaker adversaries, and the Prestige will reflect that. Combat against lower HQ level opponents would provide fewer or even subtract points if the target is truly below your abilities. Losing battles will also negatively impact your prestige rating depending on the attacker/s involved.

Affecting Encounters

Attacking or Defensive battles will result in win or loss of Prestige under the following cases:

  • Commanders Bases
  • Alliance Building battles
  • Resource Mine Tiles
  • Camped Armies
  • Airports (when there's a defending army present in the Airport)
  • Center Map government buildings (when another alliance is controlling them)

Combat under the following will have no effect on Prestige:

  • Any Encounter or Boss battle
  • Airport battles (when the Airport is controlled by Loyalist forces)
  • Center Map government buildings (when Loyalists are controlling them)
  • Any World Domination fights
Prestige Ranks

When you gain a certain amount of Prestige points, your Prestige Rank will increase, providing a set of useful passive benefits. Because Prestige Ranks are based on your current amount of Prestige points, your Rank may rise or fall as you win and lose battles against other Commanders.

You can find out more details about your current Rank and benefits by selecting the Prestige icon on the main Command Interface. In the Prestige menu, you can also preview locked Ranks and their benefits.

The Prestige Rank of every Commander is displayed when selecting their Base on the World Map. You can also find their Prestige details by viewing a Commander's Public Profile.

Important Outliers

Attacking Low-level Commanders

As previously mentioned, there is no honor fighting weaker opponents. Thus defeating a Commander, who has considerably less Prestige or much lower HQ than yourself, might cause you to lose Prestige points. Before attacking, additional information will be displayed in the contextual menu of your target that will inform you of the potential gain or loss of Prestige points, if you decide to make an advance. Attacking the game target multiple times will result in getting less Prestige after each consecutive attack!

Multiple Participants Combat

When multiple Commanders are involved in a single battle, Prestige, and Power are averaged and calculated accordingly for the attacking and defending side. The difference between these numbers determines the Prestige gain or loss for each participant when the battle ends.

In cases where one side has more participants than the other, additional parameters will be taken into account to evaluate the difference in a more fair manner.

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