Greetings Commander. Bellow you will find some basic information about the inner workings of your city to get things going. If some of these things are already familiar to you, further in the help page we go deeper in detail about how separate elements work. Now lets begin!


Your base consists of multiple building tiles in which the Headquarters(HQ) sits as the most important part of it all. Everything else you do on your base will depend one way or another on the HQ. Beyond The Wall in front of your HQ, you will be setting up an infrastructure of important Buildings, each of which corresponds to a unique base action you can perform.

Doing any and all of these actions will help you grow more powerful and dominate anyone that stands in your way.

Now, around the HQ, you will find 6 Add-on Slots each of which corresponds to a unique Building. Each Add-on compliments the functionality of a development or military action and gives you a distinct unique Ability to control. No two abilities are the same, so chose wisely which one will be your pick.


Developing a fully functional and self-sufficient Base is the first step on your path to Victory, Commander. Before you start, make sure you familiarize yourself with the city construction guidelines:

  • Building Types - Most buildings in the Base can be freely positioned on any tile within it, however there are some that are pre-built to ensure maximum efficiency within your base. These include your HQ, Hydroelectric Station, Assembly Grounds, Add-on Slots and the Titanium Mine.
  • Power - Construction of new buildings in your base will always require Power, provided by buildings such as the Hydroelectric Station and your HQ.
  • Roads - Each Building in your base must be connected to a road that reaches your HQ, before it can be fully functional. Connecting a building with the main HQ road allows Power to be delivered to the respective building.
  • Edit mode - Buildings and roads that are constructed can be rearranged in any way in Edit Mode. Simply Tap and Hold a Building or Road to bring up the Edit Command Interface. While in Edit Mode you can store Buildings and Roads and even store all of them at once using the Store All button. In order to apply the changes to your city infrastructure you need to have an empty Storage and Confirm the changes.
  • Expands - Expand Areas allow you to unlock additional land around the city, that can be adapted for building construction. In order to successfully unlock an Expand, you first need to make sure that you have unlocked a previous one, adjacent to it - otherwise your workers will not be able to reach the area and clear it for construction processes. Clearing the Area for construction will require some additional resources for the urbanization processes that need to be carried out.
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