Commander, before getting in to the down and dirty aspects of fighting you should know a few things first. There are 5 unit types at your disposal. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses. When engaging an opponent you should always consider what you will face in combat. One way to check that is to Scout the target before attacking. This will help pick a better strategy in terms of units. The troop dependencies are described in the table bellow:

imgNormal InfantryimgNormal UGVimgNormal ArmoredimgNormal LSVimgNormal Artillery
imgNormal Infantry100% 150%75% 125%50%
imgNormal UGV50%100% 150%75% 125%
imgNormal Armored 125%50%100% 150%75%
imgNormal LSV75%125%50%100%150%
imgNormal Artillery150%75%125%50%100%
imgTactical Armored100%25%100% 300%100%

Of course you can also view each troops stats, strengths and weaknesses at any time through the Recruit menu of your Army Command. Once the attack begins, the battle is done in real time and Commanders that are in the same alliance as either the defender of attacker can join in at any time through out the duration of the battle.

Tactical Units

Tactical Units are extremely powerful units that can turn the tide of any battle to their Commander's favor. Each tactical unit type specializes in strategic targeting of weak spots in a specific unit type's defense. This allows Tactical Armored Units such as "The Punisher" to deal 300% damage when targeting LSV units. The technology behind their targeting systems leaves their weapons slightly less efficient when fighting their worst match-up, which is a rather small price to pay, considering their strategic supremacy. The Tactical Armored unit for example deals 25% damage to UGV units, compared to a normal Armored unit's 50% when targeting UGV). Additionally, the Tactical Armored unit deals normal (100%) damage to Infantry, UGV and Armored troop types. All non-tactical unit types keep their damage dependencies when attacking tactical units.

Tactical units cannot be recruited through the buildings in our Base, however they can be acquired through exceptional performance during specific Events. You can check the amount of Tactical Units within your ranks by either going to the Recruit menu's Tactical category, through the Assembly Grounds Army menu or by checking your Force stats menu from the main Command interface.

Ongoing Battles

When there is a battle anywhere on the map, you will see a bar above the spot, that is divided into two parts, blue and red with numbers on the side. The Red portion refers for the attacking force and the blue for Defending. The numbers indicate how many participants are in this particular battle at this point. Depending on which side is prevailing at this moment, one of the two colors will gradually fill the bar more and more. Tapping over that Bar will allow you to enter the Battle View and observe the battle in real time regardless if you are in it or not.

Wounded Troops and Army Survivability

Wounded Troops

At the end of each battle some of your troops can be either Killed or Wounded. Your wounded troops are immediately transferred to the Civil Center in your base until the recover capacity is filled. If any of your troops get wounded while your recovery capacity is full, it will not be possible to threat them and they will be lost - this is why you should always take care of your wounded.

Army Survivability

Army Survivability refers to your troops' ability to recover after sustaining lethal damage. This means that your troops have a higher chance to get wounded instead of killed while battling. Army Survivability differs depending on the Terrain and your Role as Attacker or Defender. For example when Defending your City from Enemy attacks 100% of your Killed troops are converted to Wounded until your recover capacity is filled. You can check the table below for more details about Army Survivability:

TerrainRoleArmy Survivability
Player CityAttacker0%
Player CampAttacker50%
Alliance BuildingAttacker50%
Resource MinesAttacker0%
Government BuildingsAttacker100%

Battle View

In this mode you can observe in better detail what is happening on the battlefield. If you are in this battle there a retreat button that will allow you to leave after a short period of time and reduce your losses if the combat isn't going well. After retreating the army always return to your city. Same applies if combat ends normally.

Victory Condition

The army that remains on the field either because it has defeated all opposing troops or the other side has retreated, is pronounced victorious. Rewards are given only if victorious against your opponents.

Troop Benefits

One major addition are the Researches, General's Skills, Equipment items and Alliance Technologies that provide major bonuses to your troops and play a vital role in the outcome of any battle. Always bring your best in order to defeat your opponents.

Additionally you can increase your army's statistics temporarily, by using Boosters

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