Loot Protection

While conflict and battles are inevitable parts of your progress as a Commander and leader, some of the opponents you face will be tougher than others. To help you recover and mitigate the damage caused when defending your base a set of rules are in placed if there is a difference in HQ levels between an Attacker and a Defender. The Loot Protection rules are meant to provide additional support to defenders, when the odds are against them and a high level enemy attempts to take advantage of them. Loot Protection will take effect in battles where the Attacker's HQ lvl is 6 or more levels higher than the Defender's HQ level.

Resource Protection

The resource protection rules affect the following factors if the Attacker and Defender HQ level difference occurs:

Load penalty - the Attacker's Load capacity will be reduced to a specific %. The exact value can be seen upon selecting the Defending base on the World map as well as in the follow-up Send Army menu. If the value displayed is 0% then even a successful attack will result in no resources looted by the Attacker.

Note: Loot Protection does not take effect if the Defender's HQ level is equal or greater than the Attacker's HQ level .

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