Save Progress

Instant War supports all major platforms and you are able to save your progress on each one of them using their corresponding Gaming Services:

Game Center
Play Games
Xbox Live

After the tutorial section, simply tap the Menu button in the lower left area and select More and then Account from the available options. Depending on the platform you play, the linking button will represent the available service for it. You should be logged on to the service in order for this to work. You need to do just a quick confirmation and your progress will be safely stored to the respective service credentials.

Once done, if you wish to make any changes over that link, you should contact our customer support ( and they will help you out with any requests you may have.

Resume Progress

If you wish to continue your progress over another device from the same platform, first you'll have to log in with the same credentials for the service in question. The next step depends on whether the game has been previously played on that device:

  • If you haven't played before, download the game and start it. At this point its safe to simply skip the Tutorial and head to Menu - More - Account. Select the button that displays the corresponding service. The game will ask to confirm that there is progress linked with this service already and if you like to load it. Taping Yes will reload the game with your linked progress. NOTE: Doing this WILL permanently delete the new game you've started, regardless how long you've played it
  • If you have played the game before and there is already another linked progress, go to Menu - More - Account and select New Game. After which follow the steps above to load your desired progress

Resuming Xbox Live Progress on a Windows device (PC, Tablet) can be done by signing out of the Xbox App and then signing into it with the Xbox Live associated with your chosen progress. You will need to exit Instant War and start it again before the Xbox App changes are applied.

Link your progress to other platforms

Your progress can also be playable on other supported platforms. There are several conditions to watch for, in order to Link your account on a different platform

  1. The progress you wish to use, must be already linked to the Gaming Service appropriate for the device in question (Game Center, Play Games or Xbox Live)
  2. The new device should also be linked to it's corresponding Gaming Service with the HQ for that device, be below level 5 (You can always start a NEW game on the device you are transferring to so that the HQ level is below level 5).

Once all of the conditions above are met, tap the Menu button in the lower left area on the main command interface. Select More - Account from the available options and tap on the Transfer button. To transfer a progress that you already linked to 1 Gaming Service (for example Game Center on iOS platform), that you want to play on another platform, for example Android:

  • After you tap on the Transfer button select "This is the OLD device". You will be given a code that you need to enter on your other device.
  • Login to Instant War on your other Device. Go to Menu > More > Account > Transfer and select "This is the NEW device". Now Enter the code that was generated from the Old Device

Congratulations! You can now play your Progress on both devices.


  • There can only be a single Gaming Service Link per one account. That means, you can't link multiple Game Center accounts to the same progress, or have multiple progresses linked to one Game Center
  • If you link your progress to all supported Gaming Services and wish to make any changes, you should contact our customer support (

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